Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hump Day Bump Pics: Week 39

I have two thoughts right now...

1) my belly looks huge
2) will this be my very last hump day bump pic?

Happy hump day! Hopefully I'll be posting some baby news within the next few days...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Motorola Video Frame/Baby Monitor: Almost Perfect

I was thrilled when I saw this last week at target. My brother had been telling me to check it out. It's a video frame that also doubles as a baby monitor. I didn't look into it right away because we already had a monitor. Actually, he's the one who bought it for us. But last week while I was at target with a friend who was looking for a monitor of her own I thought it was worth a minute or two to see what he was talking about.

Motorola MVF 700 7" Video Frame and DECT camera

I understood the second I looked at it. It's beautiful. As beautiful as a baby monitor can get right? It's sleek, modern and has multiple purposes. The best part? The price was reduced from $150 to $99!!!! That was all I needed to convince me.

The next day the hubby and I went to target and bought the beautiful monitor. We were going to return the other one (more than double the price) at Babies R Us and use the store credit for other baby items (hey, it was my brothers idea!). The plan seemed perfect. Key word - seemed.

While I LOVE the concept and design it's lacking some important features. The camera doesn't angle down the way other baby monitor cameras do. So we can't get the perfect view of the crib. The actual live video stream only shows up on a tiny portion of the screen and, in the dark, the image is a tad grainy.

It was a tough call to make. Keep the sleek n sexy monitor (yes, you read that right) or make the right decision and stick with the bulky white, more expensive one... Well back to Target it went. ::tears::

It was a tough call indeed but in the end we knew that the most important thing was being able to actually see our baby when he is in his own crib, in his own room (if that ever happens).

The Homestretch: Quite The Waiting Game

Here we are at 39 weeks pregnant and I am over the moon excited to know that I will be meeting my son shortly. Excited is just one of my feelings on the matter. This whole thing is weirder than I thought it would be. Definitely NOT what I expected. I had this idea in my head that once this time finally came I would be so uncomfortable and anxious to be done that I would be annoyed every second of the day. I thought I would be upset every morning when I realized that I was still pregnant and not in labor. I also didn't realize that not only would it be a waiting game but a guessing game as well. Is labor one of those thing where you "just know"? I thought so but from asking around, every woman really is different.

Saturday night I was pretty sure we were about to get this party started. I started having regularish contractions and even started timing them. They weren't extremely painful which is the only reason that made me think it could be a false alarm. Even so, these somewhat regular contractions lasted hours. Even into the night and straight through the next morning. Weird right? The few women I told about it said, "why didn't you go to the hospital?!". Well ladies, it's Monday and there is no baby in sight so I guess I was right in staying home... wouldn't you say?

Snapshot of my contractions

Right now my husband and I are in a constant state of "is this it?". I'll take every bit of advice and since I am patiently awaiting the real thing, I would love to read some of your stories on how you "just  knew" or didn't know right away. Humor me. Educate me. I'll take whatever I can get right now cause frankly, I'm kinda bored and getting tired of this guessing game. Note: I am not tired of waiting it out just yet, just the guessing part.

Also I don't think I ever updated you on my progress... I was last checked on Thursday the 16th and was told that I was.... drumroll please... 75% effaced. Some thought I would go into labor that weekend because of the progress but that obviously did not happen. I don't mind one bit because since then, we have finished the nursery (woop woop), finished our birth plan, put the hospital bags in the car and have been enjoying the time we have left with just the two of us.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oh The Places He'll Sleep...

Last night Phillip and I were looking around at our sons (almost) complete nursery along with some of the gifts we've received from our showers when we realized something.

My husband paused and looked at me before saying, "how many things do we need for him to sleep in?".

This kid has a TON of places to sleep. Do these tiny people really need so many options? Probably not. I think most parents would agree that all of these "essentials" are more for the parents than the child.



We feel so blessed to have so many generous family members and friends. I don't think we have a single item left that we need besides the things I'm still doing research on.

Do you think we'll get use out of all of these items?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Miracle For Late Pregnancy Aches

No I have not had the baby yet. Just taking a little time to gather myself before the big day arrives. I've been getting a lot of questions lately about how I'm feeling. If I'm tired (physically) or tired of being pregnant, stressed, nervous about labor and the list goes on and on. The answer changes daily, sometimes hourly. But for now I'm feeling great. Yes I am tired. Yes my hips are killing me but I'm in a very good place right now. I'm happy to still be pregnant and also happy to know our son will be here VERY soon.

One thing that has been helping me with the aches and pains of these final weeks (or days maybe?) is my exercise ball. This thing is AMAZING! Seriously, I sit on it and instantly all the pressure on my lower back and hips is gone. I wish I would've come to this realization earlier.

If you are pregnant and have lower back, hip, pelvic and leg pain do yourself a favor and get an exercise ball. You won't regret it.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Preparing For Baby - hospital bags PACKED!

Phew! I feel like I'm racing against the clock to get things good and ready for baby Cruze' arrival. Right now, we are doing are best to finish his nursery in time. I seriously spend every night either on the computer or sitting in his room trying to visualize how it should look. Which frames should I get? What color? What size? How on EARTH am I going to make that HUGE wall look good when I can't even paint?! Ya know, the same concerns that every new mother has... right?

But enough about what isn't done and a little more about what is. Our bags are packed people! This was actually done last week. After my appointment I came home in a bit of a panic realizing that Cruze will come when he's ready. And by ready I mean either today, tomorrow or three weeks from now.

So here is what we have in our bags. We packed a seperate bag for labor, postpartum and baby stuff.

Labor Bag


1. Robe

2. Night Gown
3. Birth Plan
4. Slippers for walking
5. I just realized there is no #5 woops!
6. Massage thing?
7. Headbands

I'll be using my Iphone for calming music

Hospital Bag

1. Robe
2. Plush Blanket
3. PJ pants
4. Soft socks - I packed 3 pairs
5. Face Wipes
6. Jersey knit dress to go home in
7. Comfy shoes to go home in

We also have an extra blanket for Phillip, a towel, toiletries, pads, underware, disposable underware in case I need it, clothes/bathing suit for Phillip, tanks to sleep in, a notepad and more batteries for our camera.

Baby Bag

1. Blankets for baby's ride home
2. Outfit for going home
3. Soft shoes (not sure we'll be using them but aren't they cute?)

So there it is!

I'm pretty sure I'll be adding little things here and there (if there's time!). What am I missing?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hump Day Bump Pics: Week 37

37 WEEKS or in other words - FULL TERM craziness! I can't believe we're at this point. It feels like just yesterday I was holding a positive pregnancy test with the widest eyes and biggest smile. Time really does fly. It seems like every five minutes I'm being asked if I'm ready to get this baby out of me. For the most part - no. I'm doing okay and enjoying these days or weeks of having him to myself. Feeling his every hiccup and nudge is nothing short of amazing.

But I would be lying if I said I don't have some moments when I am so uncomfortable that yes - I want him out. I want him in my arms. I want to smell him and sit next to my husband while we discuss who he looks like. Just like these last months flew by, I know these next few weeks should be cherished as the last moments that he and I are as one.



Happy Hump Day

Monday, February 13, 2012

Maternity Photo Shoot Part 3

Here are some more pictures from our maternity photo shoot. This part can be referred to as part 3 OR the part where my feet were too swollen to stand. You choose.

You can check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

New Mama Struggles... How do you deal?

Last night we had another young couple over who have a 9 month old little boy. He is the cutest thing ever and it was nice to be around another family who has been there done that. It's interesting to hear their take on being parents along with the struggles and challenges that accompany it. Sometimes when you think of a baby or the pending arrival, it's easier to focus on that sweet baby smell, the quiet moments of breastfeeding and the walks in the stroller. Sometimes it's easy to not think that in just a few weeks Phillip and I won't have enough time for each other, that I might not have a moment to shower in peace and SLEEP. Will we ever have that again?!

That was a big topic of discussion last night. Sleep deprivation. I know every baby is different but this family in particular struggles with that. Not this family - the one we had over last night. So the question is for all of you mamas out there... How do or did you deal with the struggles that come along with having a baby?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pregnancy Update: 36 weeks

I had my OB appointment today and to my surprise, she said I'm 1.5-2 centimeters dilated and 30% effaced. Whoah mama! I know this doesn't mean a whole lot since it can still be weeks before any real action starts but to hear the progress was crazy.

My schedule at work is down to two days a week. This was supposed to be my last week but since I'm feeling sooo good I decided to continue at least a few weeks longer. I relaxed and got some important baby things done Monday and Tuesday so by Wednesday I was ready to be at work. I'm off today and work again tomorrow. This is my perfect schedule for now.


I have been feeling super good this week. My backpain is way better than it was before. I'm not sure what has changed. The baby's position must have a lot to do with it. I've been very emotional (on and off) which doesn't bother me too much but I'm pretty sure Phillip has different thoughts on the matter. I have had minor swelling in my feet and enough swelling in my fingers that I have officially retired my wedding rings. It's funny how differently people respond to me without a wedding ring. Especially older people. Sometimes I just feel like yelling out, "I'm married, chill out!".

Weight Gain:

Here it is... I've gained 37 pounds. Ouch! At this point I'm so over freaking out about my weight every day. So that's my weight gain, and I don't care. I say this today but tomorrow I might feel different.

My Baby Boy:

His movement has slowed down but when he moves, oh boy do I feel it! Last Tuesday we were really worried about his movement. He hadn't moved much for 2 days so I called my doctors office and they sent me to the hospital to get checked out. After all that worrying, he started moving the second the nurse started getting me set up with the monitors. Figures. Not only did he start moving but it felt like he was doing karate moves in there! Haha

Other thoughts:

Noone told me how painful and uncomfortable it would be to get my cervix checked. That was a nice surprise (sense the sarcasm).

I feel like I'm quickly running out of time to finish the nursery. I have most of the important items but I still need a rocking chair, changing pad, picture frames etc. Okay, picture frames are not a must but I would like to feel like his nursery is done and those last decorative details will help me accomplish that.

All of his clothes are washed and put away. I need to buy baby hangers asap to get everything in the closet because at this moment they are all in his dresser.

I'm on twitter if you didn't know already. Follow me so you can stay in the loop for whenever Cruze decides to make his debut!

One last thing. I would love your vote for Top Baby Blogs. Just click here and then once on the owl to the left. That's all it takes! Thanks!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hump Day Bump Pics: Week 36

Thank goodness for my blogger app because if I didn't have it, this post probably wouldn't be finding it's way to my blog. I'm just now winding down from a busy day.

We had our car seat safety class tonight which was way more interesting and informative than I ever expected. I'm so glad we went.

For example: Did you know that those cute cushiony strap covers you buy for the car seat straps actually can take away from the effectiveness of the car seat?! In fact, almost anything you can add to the seat can mess with it's safety. I guess this means I have a ton of returning to do.

Well, I'm off to bed now but I'm going to leave you with my bump pics. Oh, take a look at the dress I'm wearing. I was thinking this would be a good option to pack in my hospital bag to wear home. It's loose and comfy. Check and check.


Monday, February 6, 2012

More Nursery Ideas and Inpiration

We still have some work to do in the nursery. We have been pretty busy getting other things done but without an endless budget, picking everything out can sometimes be a challenge. Here are a few things I found around the web as inspiration. It doesn't mean that I'm getting any of it, it just means that if I could, I would.

We still need a rocking chair/glider. Isn't this one great? It's stylish yet practical.

We need more places to put things. The changing table/dresser we bought only has three drawers and no space on top to place anything besides the changing pad. I like these shelves from Ikea. A great deal ofcourse. What else would you expect from Ikea?

LACK Wall shelf, black Length: 43 1/4 " Depth: 10 1/4 " Thickness: 2 "  Length: 110 cm Depth: 26 cm Thickness: 5 cm

I need something on the wall. We are renting so we don't want to spend time and money painting only to have to paint it back in 6 months. I love these decals but they are not reusable and I don't want to spend the money on them if I can't take them with us. Have you seen or used fabric decals? They're supposed to be resuable. I have to look into that some more.

Tree  Wall Decals Wall Stickers Winter Trees - 036

I've also given thought to hanging a rug on the wall. Isn't this one fun for a little boys room? I think so. 
Pinned Image

I also want something to add some color. Everything is neutral so far. I love the calming colors but I need to add something for sure. How's this? I think it's adorable, playful and adds just a touch of color.

Bird Mobile-3 Tiered, branches, orange, aqua, brown, white

So those are some of my ideas for now. I just need to find a way to do it all in my budget. Ideas?

Sometimes I lie

That's how it feels atleast. I don't do it intentionally but lately, for the sake of this blog I feel like a liar. I promise to have a certain post up within the week and a week later, it's still not up. I tell myself I'm going to start taking better pictures for my bump pics that actually show the kind of clothes I normally wear and by the end of the day I'm so worn out that the best I can do is pull myself back out of bed and sometimes throw on a real outfit. I promise that I will post something everyday or start preparing my posts ahead of time so I don't have to stress as much. But... that doesn't seem to happen very often either.

Some broken promises I've made recently:

I would put up a new post on the nursery
I would put up my review for an awesome baby bottle
That I would do more videos for my blog so that my readers can get to know me better
and I don't know if you've noticed this yet but my Gallery has said "coming soon" for like 7 months!

As for my gallery, I am proud to say that I've made progress haha. I put up an album of my maternity pics. My brother was very proud of me (he's been bugging me for months about that). Hopefully, I can keep updating it with more albums as time goes on.

The reason for all this "lying"?? I'm tired people! I am soooo exhausted as the weeks go by. This child has COMPLETELY taken over my body and most mornings, when I have to get up for work, all I really want to do is cry. Not out of sadnesss. Believe me, I am the happiest I could possibly be but I want to cry out of exhaustion. Every little thing seems like a huge task. Wash the dishes? Drive to work? Actually stand up out of bed?! AHHHHHH!!!! It hurts. It physically hurts.

But enough complaining lady. Things are actually going pretty good. We wanted a baby soooo bad and thought it would never happen. The fact that I can actually say things like,"the baby's feet are in my ribs" is a privelage. I am so thankful to be in this place. To have a loving, supportive husband. To know that I can stop working any day if I really wanted to. To have food in our fridge and a car to drive. Things that so many people take for granted until it's gone. I am so happy right now. Tired? Hecks ya! But so so happy.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Announcement: And The Baby's Name Is...

Earlier this week I gave a hint as to what we are naming our son. It was surprisingly hard to pick a name for this little guy. Surprising because I have had baby names picked out since I was in my early teens and when we were dating, my husband and I would sometimes talk about baby names while we dreamed up what our life would be like in the future.

Fast forward a few years and we found ourselves in a tough spot. We finally were expecting our very own bundle of joy and now new we were having a boy and all of those ideas for names... They were gone. We had new reasons as to why we didn't want to use them and decided to throw ourselves even harder into our book of baby names.

About a week after we found out we were having a boy I was looking through an app on my phone with tons of names and came across one that just sounded right to me. It was trendy but not too trendy and classy, in my opinion at least. I said the name to my husband with maybe a hint of conviction and he repeated the name slowly, paused and followed it with "nah, I'm not sure about that name".

I was a tad disappointed since I thought he would love it too but I also wasn't devastated. Over the next few minutes he said the name aloud a few times as if he was trying to convince himself of the name. My response was, "If you don't love it then don't try to love it. We need a name that we both love." To which he answered, "Actually, I do love it. I really do. I promise."

So that was that. Over the next week we would say the name in sentences, pretend we were talking to our son saying things like, (name) go to your room, (name) eat your food, (name) I love you. We needed to make sure it was something we would stick with and something that sounded right to us.Well it did and three and a half months later we still love it.

So without further ado... The baby's name is....

We have shared his name with people who ask and of course the opinions are mixed. We realize it's different so not everyone will like it but hopefully Cruze will grow up with a name he's proud of.

We are still working on a middle name. Ideas?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Maternity Photo Shoot Part 2

Today I came home from a LONG day at work to a special surprise. Jennifer (our photographer) sent us a ton of prints on the most gorgeous photo paper ever along with our cd with all of the images. We weren't expecting any of this so it definitely put a smile on our faces. I can't wait to frame these photos and get them up for everyone else to see!

As I mentioned in Part 1 our photo shoot was 5 hours long so we got so many shots we love. Here are a few more. Enjoy!

That's our baby in there! I just love it!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hump Day Bump Pics: Week 35

Wednesday came super fast this week but no complaining here! That means Friday is right around the corner.

Here are 2 bump pics I just snapped. This belly of mine is getting OUT OF CONTROL and I'm loving it.

Happy hump day!


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