Friday, April 22, 2011

Five Minutes To Beautiful: hair

So I wanted to talk about a few ways mothers can make themselves feel beautiful while having limited
time. There are soooo many things you can do with your hair and so many "easy" styles showed by professionals on TV but I never feel like it's as easy as they make it sound.

If you have long hair and only a few minutes a bun would be super easy.

1- pull out some hair for bangs
2- pull hair into a ponytail at the desired height ( I personally loved the low-side bun when my hair was longer)
3- wrap hair around and tie a ponytail holder loosely around the bun
4- stick in bobby pins to make sure bun stays in place
5- if you went with the bangs, either sweep them to the side and pin them with a bobby pin or quickly run a hair iron over them to smooth them out

If you have short hair and really don't have time to style it, fake long hair.

1- find a super fab headband (forever21 is GREAT for accessories)
2- part hair on the side
3- pull back hair into a ponytail if possible, if not use a hair clip to gather hair in the back
4- place headband about 3/4 " - 1" past your hair line
5- throw on cute earrings and you're good to go (again forever21)

I do this one all the time since I have short hair and often, not enough time. Here are two examples of what to throw on from
paired with...

paired with...
I have the second headband in cream and champagne and I wear the flower towards the back of my head, below my ear. It's amazing what accessories can do to make someone look and feel pulled together.


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