Friday, May 6, 2011

Loving: This Neutral Nursery

I fell in love as soon as I saw the pictures of Jennifer Lopez’ nursery a few years ago. I would definitely change a few things to make it more kid friendly but I love the neutral color pallet and the overall style.

What do you think? 

Other things I’m loving…

Shaggy Raggy Cream Rug
This Shaggy Rug

Sleigh Highchair in Leopard
This Fab Highchair

Royal Loose Cushion Adult Glider
This Cozy Glider

Satin Velvet Bumper in Choice of Color
This Lush Bedding

All from


  1. Am saying a prayer as i write this for your wish for a baby and also following you from the Alexa Hop. Good luck with this blog and the baby-making!



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