Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby On A Budget: Totsy.com

Have you heard about totsy.com? If not, I'm glad to be the one to share it with you. Totsy is a FREE private sale websites for mothers.This website brings you some really hott deals for mommy, baby and child up to 8 yrs old. One deal that I am especially loving is The Peanut Shell. They have great baby slings and nursing covers for about half off. Not bad. I'm also eagerly anticipating the upcoming sale on Guzzie and Guss and hoping they have deals on strollers. Other great incentives:

When you invite a friend to use totsy you get $15 when they make their first purchase
They plant a tree in honor of your child when you make your first purchase
100% eco-friendly

These are good enough reasons for me!


  1. I shall definitely check Totsy out. Does it also cater to toddlers?

    Anyway, I dropped by from VoiceBoks and would like to warmly welcome you to the community!

    I'm following you now and really hope you follow me too!


  2. Very good information! I really like your blog and I wish you the best of luck!!!

    I'm stopping by from voiceBoks! Welcome to the community!

    Looking forward to learning more about you and your journey! Feel free to stop by Always Just A Mom www.alwaysjustamom.blogspot.com!

    Have a great day!

  3. Hi Mamma Mia, sorry for taking so long to comment back. Yes they also cater to toddlers. Pretty neat huh?


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