Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't Call It A Comeback

I don't know why I think this post title is so funny but it keeps making me laugh. Well, we are officially back in the U.S.A and I must say, it feels pretty good. We got to surprise our entire family who thought we wouldn't be back until August 12th. The first thing I did when we landed in Miami was make my way over to the Dolphin Mall to grab a bite and get my eyebrows threaded. My forehead can finally breath again haha. Then on Saturday we drove up to my parents house. This is where the surprises happened:

My mom was surprised in Target. She freaked, threw everything on the floor, then started crying.

My younger brother Christian then met my mom at target. I ran out of the aisle and pretty much jumped on him. He screamed, and yes, I saw some tears.

My sister in law was surprised at her baby shower. She screamed in the highest pitched voice, "what are you doing heeeeeeeeeere?!"

Then we surprised my older brother Danny at my parents house since he wasn't at the baby shower. His reaction was the best. I have it on video so as soon as I can figure out how to edit the video down, I'll post it.

We're having a really good time at my parents house and soaking in our last few days before heading back to work. After six months, it's good to be back my friends.

Coming up: baby shower pics


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