Monday, July 18, 2011

Pregnancy Update

We are officially 6 weeks yay!!!

Oue little one is about the size of a lentil. How cute. According to, the nose, mouth and ears are taking shape. His/hers heart is beating about 100 to 160 times a minute. The intestines, pituitary gland, rest of brain, muscles and bones are developing this week.

I'm feeling ok so far. I've had a lot of heartburn and indigestion and I get sick after every meal. Not before, not with the smell of food but after. Is that weird? The biggest thing I'm "suffering" with is worry. I wish I could know exactly what is going on in there and if everything is coming together the way it should. I'm taking a lot of comfort in speaking with friends and family who have had children and remember feeling the same way. I'm still experiencing stomach cramping and although I now know this is normal, it still worries me from time to time. I just hope that I am doing everything right to provide my child with the best environment possible.

Oh my goodness you guys! I'm going to be a mom! I'm still blown away by that fact.


  1. I was so freaked out when I first got pregant with my son. I was so nervous of every twitch, cramp and ache. It does get better, each time you go to the doctor, each week that goes by, but it is nerve wrecking, especially when you want it so badly, as I did too!! Please be rest assured that you are doing everything perfectly, your body knows what it is doing. I found that somewhat comforting, but honestly I didn't relax till I held my baby in my arms!!! Take care, my best wishes are with you!!

  2. I just want you to know i had cramping for literally almost the entire first trimester and nothing was wrong. If you are worried (i was worried about EVERYTHING) let your dr know they may do an u/s for you. Mine did one bc I wasn't on a normal cycle and I was cramping. I am sure everything is fine... but I promise you don't stop worrying lol. Even when you can feel the baby moving, you will still worry about something. Like one day when the baby decides to be lazy and sleep and you don't feel them. I freaked out all the time. And before I could feel her move I cried probably for 2 weeks because I thought something was wrong. My poor husband lol. I can't wait to see your pregnancy progress!

  3. Thanks for following and complimenting Payton! (I was going to comment back on mine but I wasn't sure if you would see it.) I sat down and read your entire blog in one day and am so excited for you!


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