Monday, August 8, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 10 Weeks

Hey guys! I'm kind of excited to say I'm 10 weeks because I'm getting soooo close to the 12 week mark and it feels like quite an accomplishment. My sweet little baby is growing so much right now.

 Big news! I felt the baby move yesterday. Now I know many of you might be thinking that I'm wrong or that I might be going a little crazy but I AM SURE that I felt my little peanut. I was just lying down for a after nausea nap (that's what they're called by the way) and I felt a fluttering movement in my belly. I tried not to get too excited but my heart felt like it was about to dance out of my body.

 I immediatley did a google search for how early you can feel the baby move and so many other women said the same thing. So I'm not crazy, nor is it just gas lol. I felt my baby move yesterday and it was magical.

Speaking of nausea.. Whoa MAMA! I thought I was feeling it before but I had NO IDEA what I was about to experience. This week has been UN BELIEVABLE. Here's the weird part... I am so thankful for it. Not while it's happening but as soon as I start to get some relief. It's just so reassuring to know that my baby is taking what he/she needs. I've wanted this for so long so even the bad parts feel kind of amazing.

Weight: down 3 lbs

Baby: The size of a prune and MOVING a lot!

Symptoms: I already mentioned this but yes nausea and pure exhaustion. I'm pretty emotional too ( sorry Phillip)
Baby, fetus at 10 weeks - BabyCenter
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Baby.... Mommy loves you sooooo much!


  1. That was the best part of being pregnant...the flutters. I think I felt my first one at around 4 or 5 months. I love how you're taking note of your pregnancy along the way.

  2. Yay!!!!! AND you're one week closer for a gender reveal! Any dreams or anything making you think it's a girl/boy?

  3. Yes! Well, I've had dreams for both but a few days ago I had a dream that I had a little boy. He was like 2 years old and was a mixture of my little brother and my husband. My heart melted for him.

  4. I was browsing the Top Baby Blogs and totally randomly found your sweet blog. Very happy for you! I feel like it was just yesterday I was at 10 weeks, time is flying. Enjoy every little minute :-)


  5. (Dana from Hancockheir): congrats on your pregnancy - it's such an amazing experience!
    oh - I'm one of your new followers:)


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