Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yesterday at 3:51pm my brother and his wife welcomed their little girl, Londyn Olivia. We're so happy and excited for them!

We got the call that she was in labor in the middle of the day while my husband and I were at work. It was hard for me because we live 3 hours away from them. I missed the birth but heard the ENTIRE thing over the phone.

We got there a couple hours after she was born and had to leave to come back home an hour later (big tears). She's beautiful. She looks like 50% him and 50% her. How special.

I will post pics soon I promise!


  1. Congratulations Auntie!!! Love the name!

  2. congrats on being an aunty! that name is so lovely. cannot wait to see pictures xx

  3. Congratulations Auntie!! How exciting!


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