Thursday, September 29, 2011

Change Of Plans: Birthing Center Gone

So my hubby and I have decided to change our plans as far as where and who will be delivering our baby. I have many reasons why I made this switch but part of me is wishing that it would've worked out. When you pick the person that will be with you during labor and have a HUGE role in your baby coming into this world, it's a big decision. You need to feel comfortable and confident in your choice.

Well I didn't. I loved the idea of giving birth in a birthing center with personal attention, a miwife who supports natural birth etc. However, I just did not feel comfortable with the person we chose. I felt nervous to ask questions and when I did they were answered with the shortest possible replies. No detailed explanations, no "its normal to feel that way but...", nothing like that at all. So my husband and I decided to try out other doctors to see if I would prefer someone else and I did. I found a great doctor even closer to home who spent a lot of time with me explaining and answering every question.

At the end of my appointment I just felt happy. I felt confident and comfortable. I now feel like my health and the health of my child will be in good, caring hands. I most likely will not have a water birth but she assured me that she will respect my wishes as far as no drugs and avoiding a c-section etc.

I'm relieved and happy with our choice. This is my pregnancy and our child and I'm glad we decided to take a little more control over it. Speaking of taking control, I've been giving more thought to a birth plan. I'm not sure exactly what goes into it. Any tips?


  1. That mommy feeling kicks in even before the baby comes, isn't it funny, you just know when something feels right. As far as a birthing plan, I think it's important to have an idea of what you want and what is really important to you but also don't get wed into any one thing, each birth is different and we never know what we will want or need till it's happening. That's comming from a mom of three! Good luck and enjoy!!!

  2. You're right about following your gut on a journey as important as your birth. Since you are still committed to natural birth, though, you may want to look into using a doula in conjunction to your OB-GYN. We did, and couldn't have been happier with our Birth experience. We were very clear with our doctor from the start about our natural birth plan and spent a lot of time writing it all down, then discussing with both our doula and our doctor. I'm including the link to our birth plan here and actually, am in the middle of writing a post about what I felt was really helpful in executing a natural birth (the books, videos, exercises and herbs I used). Good luck!!


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