Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hump Day Bump Pics: Week 16

I'm 16 weeks and a few days and I'm feeling pretty good. Here are two (grainy) iphone pics that I took a few minutes ago in my bathroom. I should really consider not waiting til the last moment of the day to take my bump pics.

Here I am channeling my inner school girl with a sweater shirt combo from Forever21 and my new maternity jeans from a pea in the pod (love them). I really want to do posts on my outfits throughout the week but I have trouble making myself pose for pictures. Would you like to see outfit posts from me? If so, maybe next week I'll give it a try!

Happy Hump Day! Just two more days til the weekend!


  1. Yes love the fashion bump pics of course :-) Your little bump sure is growin' and cute!

  2. Hello! I'm obviously late in reading about the good news, but congratulations on your pregnancy!!! How wonderful. Wishing you a peaceful, healthy and fun journey.

  3. Aw, you have a cute bump! And, congratulations on your pregnancy! :)


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