Thursday, October 6, 2011

Darby asked:

"You make pregnancy look so good!!! Any ideas as to what gender the baby will be?"

Honestly, I feel so lost with this one. I have gone back and forth sooo many times. It kinda makes me feel bad when I hear how other moms "just knew" what they were having. It's almost like I'm missing something very important here. From the very beginning I thought it was a girl but then I started having dreams of little boys so my "feelings" changed. Now? Now I'm feeling like it's a girl again. What on earth?! Where's my mommy instinct?

Phillip on the other hand is "99 percent sure that it's a boy". He said this at least 3 times in the last few days. I SO don't want to be wrong so I'm saying I'm about 40% sure it's a girl. This way, if it's a boy I can say, "yeah but that meant I was 60% certain it was a boy". Haha! This brain of mine works in the weirdest ways I tell ya.

We'll know soon enough!


  1. aw don't worry I was convinced I was having a boy... it wasn;t until a week before our ultrasound that I said Tim we better pick a girl name bc we may be wrong. I look at Payton and I am still shocked she is agirl because I was so convinced

  2. Sorry to have worried you!!! You're a great mommy already, and I know you will love him/her the same no matter what......And I just want to put my name out as an works great for boys or girls ;-)

  3. I'm 12 weeks pregnant and I really have absolutely no idea. I know what my preference is (hate to say that...) but I'll be happy either way. Wish I had some inkling or intuition about it!


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