Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Most Special Baby Gift To Date....

About 2 weeks ago my husband and I got a package in the mail from our friends from Bolivia (they're American but they live there now). One, we were so excited to receive something from them. It didn't even matter at that point what was inside. I felt like a little kid who plays with the box that held his toys more than the actual gift. Well when we opened it Phillip and I both got very quiet for a moment and then we got very emotional.

I'll give you some of the back story first. My hubby and I spent about 6 months in Bolivia and just 8 days before we were scheduled to head back to the States we got a big fat positive. We were finally pregnant! Seeing as how our baby's journey began there it only made sense to buy the baby a small gift that reminded us of Bolivia. Well, for some odd reason I decided not to and have regretted the decision ever since.

Back to the gift... THIS is what we saw when we opened the box...

The SAME sweater I regretted not buying

And the cutest card ever

Thanks Anna and Judd! We are sooo thankful and we can't wait to put our little one in his/her Bolivian sweater!

P.S. It took me a while to get this up because we were trying to do a thank you video. After numerous attempts, this was the next best thing.


  1. oh I just love that! It made me tear up

  2. I know! It was too sweet of them.


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