Thursday, February 16, 2012

Preparing For Baby - hospital bags PACKED!

Phew! I feel like I'm racing against the clock to get things good and ready for baby Cruze' arrival. Right now, we are doing are best to finish his nursery in time. I seriously spend every night either on the computer or sitting in his room trying to visualize how it should look. Which frames should I get? What color? What size? How on EARTH am I going to make that HUGE wall look good when I can't even paint?! Ya know, the same concerns that every new mother has... right?

But enough about what isn't done and a little more about what is. Our bags are packed people! This was actually done last week. After my appointment I came home in a bit of a panic realizing that Cruze will come when he's ready. And by ready I mean either today, tomorrow or three weeks from now.

So here is what we have in our bags. We packed a seperate bag for labor, postpartum and baby stuff.

Labor Bag


1. Robe

2. Night Gown
3. Birth Plan
4. Slippers for walking
5. I just realized there is no #5 woops!
6. Massage thing?
7. Headbands

I'll be using my Iphone for calming music

Hospital Bag

1. Robe
2. Plush Blanket
3. PJ pants
4. Soft socks - I packed 3 pairs
5. Face Wipes
6. Jersey knit dress to go home in
7. Comfy shoes to go home in

We also have an extra blanket for Phillip, a towel, toiletries, pads, underware, disposable underware in case I need it, clothes/bathing suit for Phillip, tanks to sleep in, a notepad and more batteries for our camera.

Baby Bag

1. Blankets for baby's ride home
2. Outfit for going home
3. Soft shoes (not sure we'll be using them but aren't they cute?)

So there it is!

I'm pretty sure I'll be adding little things here and there (if there's time!). What am I missing?


  1. You rock.... I was the very same way. You know its always better to have too many things than not enough. Here was my Hospital Bag List.... Call me crazy but when I needed something, I had it.


    1. I checked out your list. I love it! Ill definitely be revisiting it and adding a few things. Thanks for sharing!


    She took a lot with her but said she used most of it too. Her baby was born Jan 31 I think.

  3. I think you are mostly set. Although I would bring an extra set of pj pants or two, depending how long you will actually stay in the hospital. Those first 24 hours you will bleed a lot, and will be tired, and pre-occupied.. I am sure you can see where I am going with this :)

    I have really enjoyed reading your pregnancy journey. Exciting that it is nearing an end!

  4. Love your hospital bag's! I would pack a few more clothes for the three of you though, you never know how long you might have to stay at the hospital. I ended up having a c-section so I was there for awhile and we only had enough clothes for 1 day, and only 2 outfits for Chloe. Also I heard from a few other Moms who had a natural birth that having a baby item (like an ultrasound picture of your baby) they could focus on during labor really helped them make it through naturally.

    Hope that helped!!

  5. This is so useful! I'm going to star it for when it's my time!

    I don't know about you because you are in the US, and I'm in Canada. But here, we're required to bring baby newborn diapers, wipes, and their receiving blankets as well. Even newborn hats because if babies are underweight they like to keep the hats on them to keep the heat in so they don't lose weight. We have to bring everything, because, well we don't pay for the hospital visit etc. but it might be different if you have a specific plan/hospital etc.

    Oh, and this might be a bit TMI, but most of my friends who had vaginal deliveries (don't know if you're scheduled for a C-Section or not) said it was very beneficial to bring pads with them because you have "leakage" and bleeding afterwards. One of those things you probably don't think of I know lol. (I think this is what Deisrae R was getting at)

  6. Great tips! I will be adding a few things for sure. I didn't think about having extra clothes or more pjs but it makes sense. I'll also be adding more items for baby like the hat. :) thanks ladies!!!

  7. Wow he is going to be here so soon! I cant wait to see him!

  8. Hi there! I wanted to leave you a quick comment to tell you Congrats on your pregnancy & I hope its as amazing as you imagined it would be.

    I discovered your blog several months ago when I was googling, dealing with a bout of baby fever myself. I can definitely relate to you!

    If you want to take a look at my blog, its: - it'd be great to start getting some followers myself, I'm new to this blogging thing!

    Anyways, I look forward to reading more of your posts!


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