Monday, February 6, 2012

Sometimes I lie

That's how it feels atleast. I don't do it intentionally but lately, for the sake of this blog I feel like a liar. I promise to have a certain post up within the week and a week later, it's still not up. I tell myself I'm going to start taking better pictures for my bump pics that actually show the kind of clothes I normally wear and by the end of the day I'm so worn out that the best I can do is pull myself back out of bed and sometimes throw on a real outfit. I promise that I will post something everyday or start preparing my posts ahead of time so I don't have to stress as much. But... that doesn't seem to happen very often either.

Some broken promises I've made recently:

I would put up a new post on the nursery
I would put up my review for an awesome baby bottle
That I would do more videos for my blog so that my readers can get to know me better
and I don't know if you've noticed this yet but my Gallery has said "coming soon" for like 7 months!

As for my gallery, I am proud to say that I've made progress haha. I put up an album of my maternity pics. My brother was very proud of me (he's been bugging me for months about that). Hopefully, I can keep updating it with more albums as time goes on.

The reason for all this "lying"?? I'm tired people! I am soooo exhausted as the weeks go by. This child has COMPLETELY taken over my body and most mornings, when I have to get up for work, all I really want to do is cry. Not out of sadnesss. Believe me, I am the happiest I could possibly be but I want to cry out of exhaustion. Every little thing seems like a huge task. Wash the dishes? Drive to work? Actually stand up out of bed?! AHHHHHH!!!! It hurts. It physically hurts.

But enough complaining lady. Things are actually going pretty good. We wanted a baby soooo bad and thought it would never happen. The fact that I can actually say things like,"the baby's feet are in my ribs" is a privelage. I am so thankful to be in this place. To have a loving, supportive husband. To know that I can stop working any day if I really wanted to. To have food in our fridge and a car to drive. Things that so many people take for granted until it's gone. I am so happy right now. Tired? Hecks ya! But so so happy.


  1. Don't worry about "lying" on your blog right now, you're kinda doing something way more important than blogging these days; it's called creating a human being here and it gives you a valid license to play the "I'm too tired" card. Don't worry about your readers, just take care of yourself and your little one!

    1. I can't tell you how much I needed to hear that (or read it). I can be so hard on myself sometimes. Thanks. :)


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