Friday, March 2, 2012

Induction Theories

It started yesterday morning. You know... that moment when you finally want the baby out. I have been so happy being pregnant especially lately that I was in no rush to end it but yesterday morning? Yep, things changed. So Phillip and I thought we'd put those old wives tales to the test to see if it got labor going.

Our day went something like this...

Lots of hot sauce... and jalapenos

Then we went for a walk in the mall. Note the swollen ankles and the serious walking shoes.

After the mall Phillip took me to work to clean out my desk... that was the weirdest feeling ever

Then we came home and went for another walk. A really long walk. Afterwards Phillip had a pregnancy craving... Pizza. He suggested I add hot sauce.

So I did... And Followed it up with red raspberry leaf tea.

We also did some acupressure massages... But guess what?


I'm still pregnant. Very. Pregnant. Go figure.


  1. awwwww! i know i will be feeling the same as you do in a few weeks. best of luck

  2. Geez! I hope I am as cute as you are when I'm pregnant! lol

    Good luck with everything, I hope he makes his appearance soon!

    1. Thanks! I hope he makes his appearance soon too lol

  3. How long have you been doing the raspberry leaf tea? From what I know about it, it doesn't really help "induce" labor, but it helps it along and progress more quickly. I heard drinking it during labor (if your hospital allows) is stimulating for labor as well. In the end, though, Cruze will come when he decides it's time to make his grand appearance. Hang in there; you look adorable!

    1. I drank it in the beginning of my pregnancy and
      Just started again yesterday... The doc thinks this weekend should be it! I sure hope she's right :)

  4. I think you look adorable! I hope you baby boy comes out soon! I cant wait to see pictures and hear about your birth!

  5. I'm in the same boat! I've been trying all the old wives' tales. Let me know if anything seems to work for you, because nothing has seemed to work for me!

  6. Wow! How late are you now? I keep thinking that I'll see a baby post soon :-) Have you tried the having sex induction theory? lol my friend did it and she claims it worked!

  7. awww! Hope that baby comes SOON!!! Can't wait for the post when you are a MOM! :)

  8. I can barely stand the wait! I hope he's coming soon or is already here (crossing my fingers!)

    1. I'm getting around to a post but I couldn't keeP you waiting... He's here! He was born Sunday morning at 6:13. :) pictures are coming soon

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