Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our First Outing

We finally did it! We got over (sort of) our fears and took Cruze on his first real outing. Saturday night we got together with another couple who has a three year old boy and one on the way at an adorable wine bar/ coffee house. We listened to the band play while I sipped on ginger tea and the Mr. on wine and ate amazing appetizers. We finished up the night with a walk to the ice cream shoppe. We were so nervous. We didn't know how we would feel once we were actually there but guess what? It was a success! We really enjoyed ourselves and it felt very... normal.

Cruze was very well behaved and just chilled in his Foby wrap for most of the night. (Foby wrap - my homemade moby haha)

I forgot my camera ( big time FAIL) but our friend managed to snap this photo of us at the ice cream shoppe. And don't let the dark eye circles fool you. I had a great time! (maybe that's why?)



  1. so glad you enjoyed yourself! what a cute little family!

  2. Looks like you had a good time! I'm hoping to get out with my baby as soon as...but we'll see how that goes!


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