Friday, May 4, 2012

Life Lately In Pictures

Blog much? Not lately. I've been busy with life and being present in every moment with Cruze. Here is a little of what we've been up to lately.

1. Resting with daddy. And no, we don't normally sleep without sheets. They were in the dryer and this was an exception.

2. Our first time meeting Daddy for lunch. Many more days like these to come.

3. First time being seen by my natural doctor. I thought this was so cute. My little granola baby.

4. We spent the weekend at my parents and on Sunday I made dinner. I don't know what it is but every time I cook for other people I mess things up. Must be the pressure?

5. For dessert I made One Ingredient Ice Cream. Here are the toppings. I LOVE making this but guess what? THE PRESSURE got to me again and it turned out more like soup... Darn you vitamix!!!

6. Dinner with friends. Jenny (2nd from the right) is one of my most special friends and she finally got to meet Cruze!

7. Shopping day at Millenia Mall. Just the girls...

8. The girls... Rachel holding Cruze (sister in law), Kaley (Brothers girlfriend & sister approved!), Me holding Londyn.

9. Cruze enjoying his mobile this morning. He was just laughing and cooing away.

10. Right before his nap. He put himself to sleep! SWEET! ( I don't know why he flares his nose like that? Does your baby do that too?)

Cruze turned 2 months old today! My baby is growing so fast and this is just the beginning! His update will be up on Monday.


  1. Love all the pictures, Cruze is so adorable!! I cant believe he is already 2 months old!!

    1. Thank you! I know, the time goes by quick!

  2. He's so big now! I always seem to eff something up when I cook for people too. When it's just me and Kev it's always a yummy spectacular meal but when I make the same for lots of people (even just two more), something always seems to fall flat. I think it's because I'm more concerned with having the house spotless than the food! Should really be the other way around. People with full bellies are more forgiving anyways, proven fact!

    1. It's good to know I'm not the only one! And it's true. No one really cares about that tiny spec of dirt on the floor. We're probably the only ones who even notices.

  3. He is WAY too cute!!!!!! :)

    I love his bedding, where is it from?

    I used to ALWAYS have that happen to me to when cooking for others. Now I try to do as MUCH prep as possible before people come over so I'm not as stressed :)

  4. Thanks! ;) the bedding is the petit tresor nesting collection from babies r us. We love it!


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