Wednesday, June 13, 2012


There are no words to describe the agony of not being able to do all you wish as a mother. Knowing that you can't give your baby the best of the best - it's quite the defeat.


Due to some health issues (me - not Cruze) we might have to say goodbye to breastfeeding.

The only word that comes to mind is BROKEN. I feel so very broken on so many levels.

But I also know that being able to feed my child is number one. Even if that means making the switch to formula. He needs a full belly and if I'm not cutting it, a change has to be made. We are considering goats milk formula since he is sensitive to dairy and since Phillip is allergic to soy, I don't want to take the chance on it.

Have any of you tried goats milk formula?


  1. Don't feel bad! You're doing what's best for Cruze, even though it's not what you want to do. That makes you a great mom! I'm sorry you're having health issues, hope everything is okay.

  2. i had to switch to formula because of a medical crisis when my daughter was 9 days old (i had a late post partum hemhorrage). i lost all of my milk (along with a whole lot of blood).

    we used similac for 2 months and during that time i relactated by pumping and nursing just about non stop (oh my god, i can hardly believe i was able to do that!) I have a low supply and i actually have donor mommas who give me breastmilk for my baby (donor mommas rock!).

    i have made the goats milk formula recipe from here and my daughter liked it alot. But i preferred using the donor breastmilk for her.

    I hope you find what works for you and baby! Breastfeeding is hard work, but any breastmilk is better then none. i know that defeated feeling of having to give baby formula when your heart is set on breastmilk. Let me know if you need some help or support <3

    ps, love the blog


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