Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Letter To A New Mom

This is a letter to my cousin who just welcomed a beautiful little girl. If you would like to add to my list or give your own tips, comment below. Thanks ladies!
Dear Steph,

First I want to tell you how happy we are for you and your new adventure as a mom. I can’t believe where we all are right? From a bunch of cousins hanging out together outside to parents of beautiful little babies. It’s crazy! I wish we were closer to each other so I could give you a big hug and hold my new little cousin. She is absolutely gorgeous but to be honest, we didn’t expect any less from the two of you. I put together a little list of things I didn’t know when I first brought Cruze home. Part of me thinks I wish I knew it but at the same time, the learning part has been such a vital part in filling our roles as parents.

So here goes:

There will be times when you feel unnatural at parenting

Things like breastfeeding can seem so overwhelming. Just learning how to dress for the part and arrange myself and Cruze was a skill to be mastered.

Your belly may look a little funny for a while. It’s ok. Things eventually go back to normal (or so I’m told)

It’s important to get your nutrition, not just for yourself but for the baby.

Drink water. Lots of it. This will make breastfeeding go a little easier.

It’s okay to get so wrapped up in emotion over the beautiful life you just created. It’s normal to sit there and cry over the fact that the newborn stage passes so quickly.

At the same time, better things are ahead of you. Every day is my favorite stage and I fall deeper in love with my little guy.

It’s ok to ask for help. You just went through something HUGE.  Accept that you are only human - a human who just did something fit for a superhero.

It’s hard at times. It might not be all you expected. Blame it on the hormones and the fact that this is a BIG DEAL. It can be overwhelming but it’s so wonderful.

The car seat, the diapers and paci’s oh my! They need so much stuff and getting it all together before leaving the house can put one into a panic. But don’t worry, take all the time you need. Be late. Other moms get it and the ones who don’t? pshh who cares?

Newborns look and feel so fragile right? Things are almost never perfect in the beginning. They may lose too much weight, have funny rashes on their body or bleed too much from their belly button (that was scary!) but trust me; everything will turn out just fine. They are stronger than we give them credit for.

Almost every breastfeeding mom doesn’t produce enough in the beginning. This can cause some issues but again, it’ll be just fine. Our bodies almost always step up to the task and our little ones blossom before we know it.

Lastly, I want you to know how much we love you and little Adali. Family. It’s a bond that can’t be broken. Especially with roots like ours. Oh Stephenie. Look at us! We’re parents!!! And we have so much joy and laughter ahead of us as we get the privilege of watching our sweet babies grow.

Much love,
your cousin

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Maybe some of my readers can comment with tips of their own? I would LOVE that.


  1. oh man i definitely can't believe how fast the newborn stage flew by. my stomach churns with sadness every time i think about it. and my hubby just doesn't understand. i look forward to everything ahead, but siiigghh.....

    1. It's crazy right?! I just wish I could pause all of these moments or at least make them go by a little slower.


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