Saturday, August 25, 2012

Let's Be Friends!

I think it's about time I invite my readers to be my "friends". It might shock you that I actually have an instagram, twitter and pinterest account because I haven't mentioned it here yet but I do and I would love to have some new followers and people to follow back especially since I normally feel like I'm just talking to myself. It's a weird feeling. Trust me.

You can find me on Pinterest HERE

Recent Pins:

Instagram is probably my favorite social media outlet probably because it's the easiest. And who doesn't love to look at pictures? My username is Eliza_BabyBound

Recent instagrams:


Twitter doesn't get as much love as it should from me these days but I'll be working on that. My username is BabyBound2011

So who wants to be my friend? Don't all jump up at once ;)


  1. Just started following your Pinterest! and I'm the same way with Twitter too, it hard for me to keep everything up sometimes.

  2. Eliza what are you grating in that instagram photo?

    1. Haha! It's laundry soap! But it totally looks like cheese.


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