Thursday, August 2, 2012

Truth Be Told... A Random Post About Nothing

I totally think Scott Disick deserves his own show. I used to hate him but that guy is HILARIOUS. Cracks. me. up.

I have become a little too good at online shopping since becoming a stay at home mom. Note to self: put the credit card down. I think hubs would agree?

I thought I was pregnant yesterday. I even had a false positive (long story). I didn't want to be pregnant because I am just NOT READY but when I saw the "positive" we got excited and when I realized it was false, I felt robbed. How could I be so sad over something I didn't really have and am not ready for?

I was devastated the moment I realized that switching to formula was a must, but now? I'm kinda relieved. No more stressing over my milk supply, no more trying to wear things that made nursing easy. Just shake and go. It's not the ideal situation but it's working very well for us.

Speaking of switching to formula... I've lost 7 pounds since making the switch. I guess my endocrinologist was right. It was simply too much for my body to handle right now.

Ummmm Teen Mom. I kinda love that show. Amber is a hot mess, Catelynn really needs to find her place, Farrah is a brat but making something of herself and Maci.... Oh Maci, I love you girl but seriously? Step away from the spray tan. Seriously, STEP. AWAY.

Our lease is up at the end of next month. We want to buy a house but have no clue as to where we want to live. It's not like we have a baby or anything! We need to figure this out and SOON.

My niece will be a year old in a few days. Seriously, is this really happening THIS FAST?!

And that my friends is all I have for you. Same time next week?


  1. omg and NONE of them seem to know how to secure their kids in their car seats...

    i don't watch the show but i hear comments from many friends about that... :(

  2. My goodness, after reading a few of your posts--I feel like we are the same person! I too am a stay at home mom, I struggled with breastfeeding & made the hard decision to go to formula feeding (although it was 1 week after my daughter was born), and also have a March baby. Definitely a new follower here!


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