Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chic Stole My Look: From Mrs To Mama

So do you ever watch E's Fashion Police? I do and that's why I'm totally copying their BLANK stole my look segment.
The bloggy world version
And first up is Becky of From Mrs. To Mama. This is an outfit she wore a few months back to the zoo. I clearly thought it was super cute.
I'm loving: the red jeans and how that shirt makes it look so effortless and those Toms make it seem comfy
I'm NOT loving: that I'm not the one looking so beyond adorable in those red jeans.

And my *stolen* version
Where: Old Navy dressing room
Sporting: Red Corduroy's and a striped top

Clearly this was just for fun. Fun it was. And if you're wondering, I got permission from Ms. Becky ;)
p.s. How cute is she by the way? The answer is too. cute.

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