Friday, November 30, 2012

FACTS: part 1

So I've decided I needed to share more about myself with my readers. I often wonder if any of you get who I am. When you read my blog, do you feel like you know me? If not, let's change that.

So FACTS numero uno:

I don't thrift. Vintage.... It's not really my thing. Sometimes I feel a little different in the bloggy world because so many other mamas are thrifting geniuses. But me? I couldn't care less about thrifting. I like NEW. I'll take hand me downs. I occassionally will find something amazing at a garage sale but thrift stores, while cool, they're just not my thang.

Sometimes I use slang. Because it's funny. Because it totally doesn't go with everything else I say or how I talk. And because I love the face my hubby makes when I say things like, "tru dat homes".

I can get a little wild and crazy. But my idea of wild and crazy is not drinking or staying out til 3am dancing the night away. My idea of wild and crazy is taking silly pictures, playing hide and seek with my hubby in our house and blasting the music as I dance all sorts of ridiculous in my living room (while Phillip smiles at me in amazement...I can be pretty amazing). So in a way, I guess I kinda do dance the night away....

I love taking pictures, it's fun to me. But I have a VERY hard time getting myself to post them on this blog. It gets me nervous. At the same time, I REALLY want to change that. And I'm working on it. More on that to come.

I consider closing my blog about once a week... more so now than before. However, this week I decided to give it one more go. Maybe this time I'll become uber popular, people will fall in love with my words and the most awesome companies will want ME to talk about their products. Maybe.

While the title of this post is FACTS: part 1 I'm not excatly sure if there will ever be a part 2. That's how I blog. I can't tell you how many times I titled a post ending with the words "part 1" and months later... there is still no part 2.

However, if you actually want a part 2 and let me know, I will do one. I promise. I'll even answer questions you want to hear about. I know, it's getting pretty exciting around these parts.

And since I can't get enough of our new Babiators...


Taken Via Instagram
Happy Friday!


  1. Yes! Do a part 2! It's nice to read more about you girl!

  2. Don't give up! I loved following your pregnancy and like the little glimpses you share now. I do feel like I don't "know" you like I know other bloggers... I do get how you feel about thrifting. I don't get it. Yeah, there's tons of nice stuff... but I'm not patient enough to dig through the crap first. And I love the babiators.


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