Saturday, January 12, 2013

I may not be a fashion blogger but...

as a lifestyle/mama blogger I do try to keep it real. And so much of my real life does involve fashion and now, learning how to look and feel my best with my new figure and budget. I'm a firm believer that a fashionable appearance doesn't have to be difficult to attain and beauty? Beauty isn't just found in our complexion or eye color. It's found in all the little things in life that make it so worth living. And if you gain anything from this blog, I hope you find inspiration to focus on all the things that can make life so spectacular for you. Big and small. The most magical thing about that is, once a person begins to do that - that's what makes them radiate beauty.

Well ladies (and gentlemen possibly?), I have been nominated for Circle Of Moms Top 25  Fashion and Beauty Moms. Circle of Moms is an amazing online community for moms and will give this little blog of mine the opportunity to be seen by so many other mothers and bloggers.

I would just LOVE that opportunity. I would LOVE your vote. If you would like to help me get a little higher on the list (I'm very close to the bottom right now) click the button below which will direct you to the voting page. Then simply find me on the list and click to vote. Easy peasy.

I truly appreciate every single vote. It's true, I do a happy dance for each and every one ;)

Feel good, look good. Much Love to you all. 
Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical - Sophia Loren


  1. Voted for you! Good luck! I could never enter a fashion contest! Lol unless they started one called "Best effort with Walmart Couture and Jeans from highschool (15 year old pants and $10 cardis)"


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