Friday, February 8, 2013

FOUR outfits every mom should own

Moms. Sometimes they (we) get a bad rep in the style department. I mean the worst jean fit of all time is referred to as the mom jean after all. The reason? It's pretty obvious but for those who don't know or need to see it spelled out as validation for dressing not as fashionable as they'd like:

It's a messy job. From spit up to blow outs (not the salon kind) cascading down every piece of clothing we put on, it's no wonder many moms choose not to glam up.

1. Up, down, reach, squat. With all of the extreme positions we find ourselves in, we need to be comfy. And what's more comfy than sweats or PJ's?

2. We're legit tired. And when we're tired, it's not the easiest thing to put together a chic outfit. Right??


Or so it will be once you're done with this post. My hope is that you find inspiration and motivation to pull together a few of your own go to outfits that are both fashionable but more importantly, practical for the very busy (and love filled) life of a mama.
Introducing... Your cheat sheet to chic

The Oversized Shirt - Yessss my shirt is a tad wrinkled. Sadly I did not notice the iron following me before the picture. But moving on...

The oversized shirt paired with leggings is a great go to for a busy mom.

Why? Leggings = wearable sweats. At least it feels that way. They're comfy and conform to your shape. The oversized top hides flaws and bonus. No need to suck in that tummy.

 Maxi Skirt or Dress - a long skirt or dress paired with a simple top.

I'm not wearing a cotton maxi in this photo but that's what I would normally be wearing. Something that allows me to bend over and pick up dropped paci's, toys and a certain little boy.

The length is great because no matter what position I find myself in, I never have to worry about feeling ummm, exposed.

Simple Jeans and T-shirt - oh heyyyy there... most simple outfit in the world!

Seriously, how easy is this?! A plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans. You can change this up so many ways. Just think. Different colored jeans, scarves, heavy necklace, belts. And the list just goes on and on.

The best thing is that this outfit barely takes any effort or thought at all.

The Shift Dress - I LOVE shift dresses. Because of the silhouette, there is no tummy hugging. I love not having to think about whether my big lunch from earlier is showing.

I also love how it's pretty much an automatic way to make you look polished. A mom wearing a dress in the middle of the week while chasing a toddler? Uh hello, every other mama is going to be wondering what your secret is. I promise you this. And then you will of course direct them to BabyBound ;)

These are the four outfits I think every mom should own. They're
easy, comfortable and look great.
My advice is to just find what works for you, the silhouettes that
make you feel great. Then mix it up. Different fabrics, colors. And
of course, don't forget to ACCESSORISE.  
So ladies, what are your go-to outfits? I love hearing what works
for other mamas trying to stay fashionable after baby.


  1. Love all the outfits!! You are looking fabulous, as always! I love the oversized shirt. Where'd you buy it?

    1. Thanks girl! The shirt is from JCPenny. It was only $7!!! They had a ton of similar things around the same price.

  2. One of my favorite posts of yours! I need some outfit inspiration, often! You look go to, skinny jeans t shirt scarf and flats :)


    1. That sounds like the perfect mama outfit! Although, I mostly find myself in heels because it makes me feel thinner haha.

  3. I rock these on the regular, except for the Maxi dress. Even the smalls are too long on me. I'm far too short and hemming them? Ha. No time for that business!

  4. Great post! I usually wear yoga pants at home (although I'm guilty of taking them on quick trips to Wal-Mart) and jeans/leggings out. For me, I'm still breastfeeding, so every outfit seems to revolve around accessibility of the boobage. Layers, layers, layers. A staple is usually a tank (nursing or not) and a cardigan. Or a tank with a snug too that can be pulled up over. The only dresses I wear are tube (but there's 3 feet of snow here) or the wrap dress. I'm actually having a tough time finding a dress to wear to my sons baptism that I can breastfeed in! Oh and the mom jean is DEFFO the worst jean ever!

  5. You look great in all your outfits, but I love your black and white dress the best!


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