Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Three Word Tuesday and Trendy Tot Link-up!

Today I'm linking up with TWO blogs. I know, I know... slow it down Eliza. The first link-up is with Amanda over at My Show. I love her blog. She is so real and SO funny. She hosts the Three Word Tuseday linky. Which, in my opinion is the easiest link-up ever. Just take a picture and make up a three word caption. So join us will ya?

Father Son Bond

 photo DSCN9030_zps8ca93ded.jpg

There is nothing quite like watching the man I chose to marry with our son. Seeing them interact and bond on a daily basis melts me. My heart - mush all over the place. I love my little family!

The next link-up is with Megan over at table for three. She's hosting the Trendy Tot linky which is right. up. my. alley. Right?? Well, it would be a tad easier if Cruze would stay still for just 3 seconds while mommy snaps his picture but sadly he does not.

Here he is in an outfit from Janie and Jack. His closet looks like their catalog. Sadly this is true. Yes, I spend more on his clothes than mine. How is this even possible? There is SO much less fabric... but hey, I get my kicks out of it.

 photo DSCN9029_zps20fbffcd.jpg

With mommy and barefoot of course. He makes it his mission to rip any and everything off those tiny feet. I don't mind though because... look at those feet!

 photo 8a2c0458-f59a-45b1-87a1-8e6662a067d3_zpsdec2e698.jpg

Hanging with one of my closest friends at dinner. They couldn't get over how well-behaved he is. I must say we are one of the lucky few who almost always get to eat dinner in peace while the baby plays happily with one of his toys.

 photo DSCN9106_zpsa14e0aa2.jpg

And just one extra photo of him in an outfit I bought at Marshalls last week. He has quite a few of these one-peice outfits from Ralph Lauren. I love them because their so easy to throw on him!

Thanks for hosting these great link-ups ladies!


  1. Adorable! Isn't it amazing how your live for your hubby changes and multiplies when you see him with their baby. I love watching Drew play with Fynn and hearing him talk to her in the mornings while he's getting ready ( I turn the baby monitor on every morning just so I can listen to them) thanks for linking up!

  2. there is something magical about the man and his son....so cute! love his sense of style!

  3. I love the one piece polo layettes as well! they are super easy because its the whole outfit :)


  4. He is precious! Thanks for linking up, I'm your newest follower now!

  5. that little man is just too handsome, he is always stylin and you mama are beautiful!

  6. If anyone can pull off the no shoes look it is Mr C!! ;)

    I too LOVE Janie and Jack but usually shop the clearance since Liv grows WAY too quickly! Olivia had a few pieces she wore this past summer that I was obsessed with, I need to get in there again to get some stuff for this spring/summer!! :)

    Thanks for linking up mama!!! :)

    1. I think the sales on girl clothes are always a little better than the boys. That's why I need a girl lol. But yeah, we shop clearance too. There is NO way I would spend $150 on a single outfit that he'll probably wear twice. No way...

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