Monday, April 1, 2013

All Is Well

I haven't blogged in about a month. I don't even know how that happened. It's definitely been my longest bloggy break to date. But I want everyone to know that all is well with myself and my little family. Busy. Very busy, but full of love, laughter and all sorts of exciting things. (and NO I'm not pregnant lol) 

I think in a way I've struggled with the idea of blogging. It feels like a secret life that I'm leading. And in a sense, it really is. Only a handful of friends and family know it exists and I do my best to keep it that way. Although it may sound weird coming from someone who posts tidbits of her life on a public site, I am a very private person. While so much of my life goes unseen on this blog, I do open up about certain private struggles that I sometimes cannot bring myself to share with others. Blogging for me is a constant battle of trying to find a balance. Trying to figure out how much to share. The raw, the funny, the emotional... all of the great moments that make up our little world. At the same time I realize that so much of having a successful blog is being able to share. Allowing your readers to "get to know" you. And sadly, I also realize that so much of having a successful blog is being able to make everything in your life seem like butterflies and rainbows. Making others believe something that is so far from the truth. For the record this has never been me. I can't bring myself to mislead my readers. What you see is real, but there is also so much that you don't see. Here's to trying to figure it all out ;) 

Do any of you other bloggers struggle in the same way? How do you find a balance?

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  1. I ABSOLUTELY feel you. While I love sharing my life... I don't really want people I know for real to read this. It just seems to intimate. I have a few very close friends and my sister that know about it... but other than that I keep quiet. I often debate about it, should I just tell everyone? But then I feel like that's weird. I dunno, I can't seem to find a balance with this. I feel like if all my friends and family know, then I won't be able to be as honest and unedited as I want to be. That being said, I've missed you around here... and clearly so has Fynn because she won't stop pressing buttons on my laptop!


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