Friday, May 24, 2013

Less Than Perfect

It's the 24th of May but I've decided not to let that stop me from joining in ::very:: late for the Blog Every Day in May challenge. And hey, since there is only a week left, I might just be able to finish what I started ;)

Today's topic is, your top three worst traits. So here goes...

Doubting myself. This one is huge for me and if you asked my husband or anyone else who is close to me, they would tell you how much they hate it. In fact, my husband often tells me that only thing he would change about me is my lack of confidence. When it comes to blogging for example, I've felt defeated on many occasions because I doubted myself when it comes to publishing a certain post, starting a link-up etc because after giving it too much thought I tell myself "others won't want to read about this". Then... to my surprise, someone else comes up with the same idea and VIOLA! It's a hit. And that leads to me kicking myself. repeatedly.

Fear. That one word. You have no idea what it does to me. I fear too many things. Too many. And it consumes me. I fear every bug known to man, I fear leaving my house every day because of what spider might be over the door when I walk out. I fear walking on the grass barefoot because of what disease I could get. Seriously, the list goes on and on. but I'm working on it. I really am. I recently wrote a post titled let them be little [here] . I talked about how I want my son to experience life and to live while he's young. The reason why that desire is so strong within me is because I know that I miss out on a lot because of my fears and I NEVER want Cruze to go through the same thing. I want him, me, my family to live life to the fullest. So yes, I'm working on it and pushing myself a little more each day.

My friggin mouth. Yeah, I couldn't do this post without including my mouth in there. ha! Since I was younger I had this thing where I always felt the need to be honest. Not the kind of honest that makes me tell people, "hey your hair  looks really bad today". It's more like, "no (certain family member related to me through marriage) I disagree and I will not do it your way". It' s not because I'm trying to be rude, I just hate being fake. I've realized though that I really need to find a middle ground. It's okay to nod along sometimes while still doing things my way or having my own opinion privately. And yes, this too I have been working on because it probably can come across as argumentative and that is never my purpose.

One last thing, I haven't mentioned Top Baby Blogs in quite some time but the truth is, I would really really love your vote. Most of my bloggers have found me through this site and I would love to see this little blog of mine grow ;) You can vote by clicking the button below and then one more time on the owl to the left.

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  1. Great post I can commiserate with you number three I'm the same way lol

  2. Definitely number one on your post, too. ;)

    And number three. I tend to lack a filter sometimes. So much so that my classmates decided I should be a debater one time because "I'm so good at arguing." Compliment? Hm...

  3. I doubt myself a lot too, often like you as regards posts on the blog. I can easily talk myself out of things! :)


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