Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Will Always Remember >>> May

Do you ever have those moments when you look around and think "I hope I remember this forever"? They may be small moments, but sometimes these little things are what make up our story.

These are the moments from may that I hope I will remember forever...

 The look on my sons face the first time he colored with a crayon.

How excited Phillip and I were to walk into the children's museum for the first time... 

 and how excited Cruze was even though he had just barely woken up.

 How the other parents with multiple children were sitting on the side-lines but us? we were with Cruze every step of the way - even on the baby slide

That crazy long, mullet hair-do

 and playing dress up for the first time

                         When daddy dressed Cruze and an hour into our outing I realized he was walking funny.... because his shoes were on the wrong feet.

the way they held hands and kicked around the soccer ball


his contagious laughter on the swings

hanging at Starbucks with this full of life girl.

his first haircut and how the only way we could keep him still was by feeding him. but it worked!

that moment when I walked into his room the next morning and my heart dropped. his hair! he was  officially a toddler...

and this meant sitting in his own chair (with mama's help) and reading a book.


the look on my BABY brother's face during his wedding rehearsal. I still can't believe the point we are at in our lives.

My gorgeous family and the way they looked on my Brother's special night ( don't know why it's blurry )

that time that seemed to happen in slow motion when my cousin took a chocolate chip off his cookie and gave it to Cruze. I was mortified for a second but it turned into joy when I saw Cruze's face LIGHT up with his big round eyes, say "MMMMMM...." and reach for more. p.s. he didn't get more

Watching these two little ones play together and love on each other so hard... I see a couple of rascals in our near future.

the way he loves this hat so much. It's the only one he'll wear.

Phillip playing hard to get and posing with me in a public place. I love that he plays along with my shenanigans.

It was a good one. And now that I've documented it, I know I'll remember these moments forever.


  1. This is so sweet! I love that you play with him instead of let him play alone. I wish more parents were like that!

  2. This is adorable.

    Jillian -

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  4. Those photos and memories are so priceless. They definitely are worth keeping for. And oh, love your kid's smile.

  5. I always have those moments. They're usually not where you expect them. I also have a good memory - blessing and a curse at times!


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