Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Still Here

Hi everyone. I just wanted to get a quick post out to let you know that I'm still here. It's been a crazy week and a half of painting, packing, moving and unpacking.... with a toddler. All is well though and we are slowly but surely getting settled into our new home and neighborhood. We love it here. We are only  10-15 minutes from my hubby's job which means we see him more and yesterday, he even came home for lunch. I'm feeling so very blessed these days and excited for this new chapter in our lives.

Stayed tuned, I will be posting pictures of the new (messy) digs and neighborhood very soon! Also, for everyone who found their way to my blog through Erica's giveaway, welcome. I'm so glad you found me and I look forward to reading through all of your blogs too.

Much Love,


Thank you for reading my blog! I love love love reading your comments. They really do make my day!

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