Friday, August 23, 2013

Bumpdate >>> 14 weeks!

Today I am officially 14 weeks and in the second trimester. There is a certain ease that comes over you in the second trimester. That's when most women begin to feel human again and the risk of miscarriage reduces. Being pregnant the second time around has been so much harder and easier than the first time.

Harder - when I have no choice but to chase around a very active toddler, fatigue, nausea and migraines are extra challenging. Obviously, Cruze doesn't understand the whole "mommy just isn't feeling well so please chill in your crib for 10 more minutes" thing.

Easier - at the same time it really is easier knowing that pregnancy can come with some scary symptoms but they're almost always normal. My husband still gets super nervous with every pain I get but me? I just know it must be normal. And so far, I've been right. I spent the past almost year and a half saying things like "next time I'm pregnant, I'm going to take it easy when I want to". This has made it easier too. All of the unneccesary pressure I put on myself last time has been cut down significantly. Now I know, it just isn't worth it.


Weight: as of my last appointment I had gained one pound. But that was two weeks ago. I weigh myself at home but it never matches what the Doctor's office says. Figures. If I go by my home scale, I have gained around 2 pounds.

Inches: This is very different from my weight as I have come to learn. The only reason why I know my inches this time is because a trainer at the gym measured me a month ago. Last week I remeasured and confirmed my suspicions... My hips had already spread almost 2 inches! In a 3 week span! My belly (obviously) and legs went up too. And that was when I had only gained a pound. Crazy.

Clothing: Pretty much none of my clothes fit me. At this point in my last pregnancy, I had already started wearing maternity clothes but that was more out of excitement. I wanted to look hugely pregnant. Silly me. This time? I don't have a choice. My hips have spread sooo much that simply leaving pants unbuttoned doesn't really do the trick.

I actually love wearing maternity though. I love the stretchy waistbands and the protuding belly look. I embrace it. Gap maternity is my favorite store at the moment.

Symptoms: Since this is my first bumpate I will give you a little recap. I was super duper nauseous up until a few weeks ago. Not the throwing up (sorry for any images) kind of nauseous. Just the kind where you are sick for 90% of the day and wish it would actually make something of itself. Fatigue. HOLY MOLY.

Fatigue like a truck hit me each and every day. The gym helped but it was still challenging. The last 2 or 3 weeks have been sooo much better but this week I saw a major return. And it's been tough.

Migraines kicked in a few weeks ago. I have some experie

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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy!! I had that type of fatigue too, I know how you feel! Just approved your swap and will extend it for an extra month, sorry for the delay! :)

    Glad to have found your blog :)


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