Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Will Always Remember >>>> June

A few moments from June that I hope I will remember forever...
After moving into our new house and being surrounded by painters and handymen, Cruze and I desperately needed to get out. We have a cute little park super close to our house, so we went there.
For some reason, I just loaded these pictures from my camera and I'm so in love with them. I don't have a fancy camera nor do I have cool editing software/skills so when I get photos with just the right lighting, it really makes my day.
Goodness, I just love that I get to spend my days running around with this little boy.

Soon after we moved into our house, we had something very special to do. Our dear friends who live in Bolivia (the place we were living when I found out I was preggo) came to the states for a visit. So we dropped the unpacking, decorating and organizing to drive up to meet up with them in Central Florida. What a treat!

They were the first people to learn I was pregnant. Even before our family. We met in Bolivia while volunteering and even though two years had passed since we saw them last, it was so easy to be pick up just where we left off.

Okay, so I feel like this photo deserved to be in black and white because it makes me all sorts of emotional. Anna is someone who I shared my desire to start a family with. She was one of the only people who knew about this secret blog of mine. Have I mentioned? It's a secret! And she was a sister to me when I needed one most.

So to see her hold my son  and notice how at ease he was with her.. well there I go with the tears again.

We spent the day with them at the zoo. Cruze's very first visit to the zoo, I might add. It was a bit muggy outside which is why we eventually stripped him down to his onesie and his hair is a hot mess lol.

But look at the picture below. He was in awe. It was on this little trip that he learned how to say "monkey". And let's not forget, Auntie Anna taught him how to say "okie dokie". Cutest thing ever watching his lips move the way they do.

Oh yeah... there we are!

It was a good month and a very busy one. The house has taken up so much of our time and I didn't unpack nearly as fast as I thought I would. But the important thing is, I enjoyed every single day with my boy. Lot's of laughter and learning went on this month. Learning to let go of perfection is a struggle for me but I'm getting there. My house is proof ;)

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