Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hump Day Bump Pic >>>> {almost} 16 weeks

I've decided to combine my hump day bump pics and pregnancy updates into one weekly post. This way I can wear something similar each week so you can really see how my bump is growing throughout the pregnancy. And because I love dressing this growing belly, I will do a separate style post. I'm still not sure if it will be a weekly feature yet. I guess I'll just do what I do best and make up the rules as I go. AKA not being able to make up my mind, being disorganized, procrastination.

 photo b93d1c77-8f94-45a2-a5d6-8fb23129eba7_zps47913993.jpg

Baby is the size of a: navel orange

Cravings: Chocolate almond milk, meat and just as I'm typing this.. I'm suddenly craving reeses

Symptoms: Migraines and umm everything just hurts, which means sleep kinda stinks these days. Also, I have been starving since yesterday. Last night, I ate two dinners. Oh brotha... let's not let the whole gaining too much weight thing happen again.

Weight Gain: I think around 4.5 pounds

Loving: Phillip and Cruze kissing my belly.

Looking forward to: finding out whether this babe is a he or she (16 days to go!)

I so missed my baby bump after I had Cruze. I am beyond excited to be going through all of these changes again and being able to watch my belly grow.

p.s. you probably can't see it but I have a lovely chocolate almond milk stain on my shirt that won't come out. Proof of my current obsession craving.
Happy Hump Day! aka it's Wednesday


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