Thursday, October 31, 2013

Family Sick Days

I have no scheduled posts (as always) and I'm pretty incapable of thinking up anything clever to share with you all. Sorry. But the sickies have hit this family hard. Tis the season. Right? We've been dealing with allergies and a sinus infection with Cruze. He started getting better and then? Bam. He got hit with a cold. I've been doing pretty good staying well but then, BAM (yes, another bam) I got hit with vertigo. Vertigo. Seriously, both times I found out I was pregnant there was something I wished. Not to have to deal with vertigo during pregnancy. It's something I've had to deal with since I was seven but each year has just been worst. To my surprise, I didn't get it AT ALL during my first pregnancy. Something about how my body was depending on the adrenals of my unborn baby. This time? I guess I can't be so lucky two times in a row. Any how, family sick days normally look like this...

Ordering in. Pj's all day. Cartoon watching. Lots of cuddles. Actually they pretty much look like the best day ever if it weren't for the fact that everyone is kinda miserable. Cruze does really well staying in good spirits when he's sick. With the exception of a few meltdowns where you can just tell he is being tortured by not being able to breathe, he still runs after his ball, jumps around the house, laughs at everything daddy does and give tons of love to mommy.

My juicer went cray a few months ago. I took it back to bed bath and beyond and they gave me store credit. I just got around to replacing it. I'm so excited to have a juicer again, especially during a time when our immune systems need a boost. I really believe in juicing and it's benefits.

This stuff. It's the bees knees.

Cuz sometimes you just need a little pick me up.

Last night's trip to the ER. We haven't been dealing with enough, obviously. My doc sent me there despite my protesting. Everyone is fine (except that I now have a stupid hospital co-pay).


To deal with our boy's symptoms we usually stick to the same things. A ginger bath which SERIOUSLY sucks his fever out of him. It's magic I tell ya. Probiotics, Hylands everything, a homemade chest rub (coconut oil, peppermint oil), humidifier. It's a wonder how he isn't cured within the first hour from all of the stuff we do to him. But I can tell it makes him way more comfortable and I'll do whatever I can to give him some relief.

Just last night I discovered what will now be my go to for coughs. If you haven't already tried this combo, just trust me. After weeks of night time cough attacks which started getting SO bad I decided to try the below combo...
That cough syrup was $21. TWENTY ONE DOLLARS. I was hesitant to buy it mostly because of the price and also since nothing has really helped with his cough. But I took the plunge and boy am I glad I did. You use a very tiny amount so that small bottle will go a loooong way. I also did 1/2 teaspoon of the apple cider vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon of the honey and added just enough hot water to make the mixture warm. Put that into a syringe and forced put it nicely into Cruze's mouth. This was at 8:30pm. Within minutes the cough was gone AND didn't come back at all til 7:30 am! I'm a believer. This is my new go to.
That pretty much sums up our family sick days. What do your sick days look like?


  1. The cough syrup is $14.99 on Amazon... Just as an FYI. I will buy it because my Izzy gets that dry cough often. She was diagnosed with Asthma triggered by allergies.... But I am not sure that is what it is....

  2. That is so awesome you are taking the holistic routine to keeping your family healthy and overcoming colds/illness!! God bless juicing right??? My husband would probably marry our blender or juicer if he could...

  3. Are you guys feeling better?? I hope so :) I nominated you for the Sunshine Award btw!

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