Monday, October 28, 2013

It's Fall >>>> Life + Style + Babies pt 3

It's time for our third and final week of the It's Fall Linky party. I had so much fun participating in this link-up, especially because I have been able to see and be inspired by everyone elses great ideas. Seriously, you guys are just awesome! This week's topic is Babies (or kids or pets)!

It's Fall >>>> Babies

This Fall we have many trips planned to the zoo with our little one. We went this past summer with our friends who were visiting the states from Bolivia. It was so sweet to see Cruze light up with each exhibit but let me tell you... it was HOT. Like SUPER HOT. And I was in my first trimester aka exhausted. SO we are very very excited to go again with the weather cooling down. Also, Cruze is a bit older now so we know he'll enjoy it even more. I can't say the same for my bod with all of these pregnancy pains going on but I'm sure I can manage just fine. Anything for my babe.

I REALLY loved this post on 10 tips for a first (or second) trip to the zoo with toddlers. I'll have to remember these!


And if the weather is cool enough (like, in my dreams) Cruze will be wearing something like this. He already has the boots and so many other pieces in his closet that look very similar to this. I'm just hoping he'll get a chance to wear them before growing out of them.


For those days where we just want to be home (like this week since baby boy has come down with a cold) we will be doing activities like these.

This may not be a "fall" thing but I have been wanting to do salt dough footprints and handprints with Cruze to remember how small his feet are at this moment in time. Then, he can do some lovely finger painting to jazz them up a bit :)

 And HELLO, how great is this diy?! EIGHT play dough recipes for Fall. I love it!


I'm so excited to share my love of this season with my son. Every season and day is an opportunity to make new memories but there is just something about Fall that makes it a little bit more magical.

I can't wait to see all of your posts! Don't forget to use our button if you are linking up and check out my lovely co-hosts Darby of Life with the Hawleys and Elizabeth of The Bradleys!


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  1. E these are all awesome ideas!!!! And seriously you've got to take pics of Cruze sporting that stylish outfit!


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