Friday, December 6, 2013

Family Weekend 2013 part 1

Almost every year around Black Friday, my family gets together for a little family weekend. We choose to do it around Black Friday because of the extra time every one has off of work and the fact that we all pretty serious about shopping... black Friday is just our thang. Some years back we decided to start a gift exchange tradition between us. Throughout the years it has evolved a bit (started off as a way to further celebrate my parents' anniversaries). Now, it's geared towards the babies. The way it works is, we all get one person and our budget is $30. Talk about a challenge! But everyone gets the babies something and for them, there seems to be no budget haha
It's so much fun to see them light up around each other. Not just for the presents but simply because we're together. I think Cruze and Londyn wanted to see how fast they could turn a pregnant lady into mush by doing things like hugging, kissing, playing and laughing together nonstop. My heart you guys. Overflowing with emotion right now.


Because breakfast is a BIG deal in our family. We normally have at least one day where we all cook up pancakes, eggs, bacon and more at my parents house.

I started looking for the kids because it was just too quiet. Found them chilling with Mima in her TV room.

Me and Rachel

Londyn goofing around with her big cousin Brandon.

Seriously. Mush.

I gave it an honest effort to get pics of Phillip and Cruze with myself actually in some of them. I didn't fail too terribly.


PRESENTS!!! They got so many presents, I had to leave some behind at my parents house. I also packed some away when we got home in an effort to introduce them to Cruze slowly.

Even some gifts for baby #2!

Go ahead Rachel. Strike that pose!

Classy shot huh? I was pretty excited about the boots my Mom I mean dad got me.

I have some more pictures coming from our Black Friday. We didn't start early. I think those days are far behind me. But it was still fun to be out shopping together.

Do you have any fun family traditions?


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