Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Word Of The Year | Imperfection

I had trouble choosing just one word because so many words can be used to describe my goal for this coming year. If you're familiar with my blog and with my posts that come every now and then where I open up about what's on my mind, you might have noticed a trend. I struggle often with learning to relax. To be okay with my imperfections. All bajillion of them. Learning to live in the chaos that is life and embrace the messy and the shortcomings - my shortcomings.
You see I have no problem throwing a "atta boy" at others. Telling people how silly it is to worry over every tiny detail while letting your life pass you by. I get it. Or at least my mind does. But daily I wage a war with my heart and many times, this treacherous heart of mine comes out on top. But I know enough to also listen to that little voice in my head telling me how unimportant it is to have every detail of my life in place. It's unrealistic, I get that.
One thing I can be grateful for is that I have been able to witness the joy that comes from just letting things be. Living in the moment and going with the flow. I grew up with a mother and aunt who had to learn fast how important it was to go with the flow and enjoy the chaos. My mom had 3 kids under the age of three and a half. My aunt had her own son who was the youngest of our crew and a solid career. We did everything together. Sometimes when I'm wondering how on earth to do it all, I think about them and think of all the challenges they must've faced toting around 4 young kids without losing their minds (and without the helping hand of their husbands). The answer is simple. They chose to go with the flow. No matter what happened in the day, week, month, they quickly figured out a new solution and kept going. Just like that. No big deal. They were okay with the imperfect. That's my goal this year. Especially with the upcoming arrival of bambino number 2. Imperfection is okay. It makes us human and makes life interesting.
So here's to a wonderfully imperfect year with my growing clan.
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You can read more about my goal to let go of the idea of being the perfect or "better" mom here since it goes with my word of the year.

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