Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bumpdate | Week 39

The countdown is officially on and we couldn't be more excited about our family growing. Our baby boy isn't even here yet and we are already so in love with him. Expecting a second child definitely has its differences. With Cruze, he was our only focus. We didn't think about how we would juggle our new responsibilities as much because we just knew that between the two of us, we would have it down. And it's so true. I feel like Phillip and I made a great team. But again, there were two of us and just one tiny little baby. Even so, there were times where we felt a bit overwhelmed. Knowing this has us thinking of every way in which we can prepare even more so for baby #2. 

Everything is just so different this time. Everything from packing the hospital bag to car seat placement in our car to how quickly we'll be able to head to the hospital once the time comes. It's all different and much more complicated. Nevertheless, we are just so thrilled for the changes ahead of us. And ok I'll admit it, a tad nervous.

I put together a few posts in a series titled "preparing for baby" to share our process with you. All the exciting things leading up to his arrival and then of course, the smaller details that have me biting my nails more than I'd like to admit.

First up? Well, below is a of the past few weeks. Week 36 and 39 in particular. I've slacked big time with my bumpdates but as many of you know, we've had a rough time lately. And as I'm writing this update all I can think is, "could this be the very last bumpdate for this pregnancy?". Who knows. But here we go...

Week 36

 photo e62bfc50-5d8d-48ab-8671-ef51b5969b7a_zps9ced15b9.jpg

Baby is the size of a: Honey Dew

Cravings: Costco frozen yogurt. Like a lot.

Symptoms: CRAZY contractions

Best Moment this week: Starting the nursery! We were going to start it anyway but one night I was up from 3:30-7 am with intense contractions and all I kept saying in between them were things like, "please wash his new blankets", "we need to pull the cradle out", "the car seat, it needs to put in". My husband tried to assure me that he would get it all done by the next evening. His exact words were, "Please don't stress over this, I promise you that by tomorrow night, I will have 90% of what we need finished".

And he came through! I'll be sharing the nursery details with you soon.

Looking forward to: At this point I was mostly thinking about getting my rocking chair in. It was all I could think about.

Week 39

 photo 6a11c044-e9b1-40df-b28b-5d5e3dee3baf_zps443e1d5c.jpg

Baby is the size of a: Watermelon. And it sure feels like it!

Cravings: everything. Ha, not really but I have been much more hungry lately. This pregnancy was... different. I didn't have really bad cravings. Mostly just my vegan protein shake and other similar things. But now? I want pizza, and steak, and donuts and and and.... so much.

Symptoms: This week has been a lot better. I still have those pesky contractions but now I'm not worried about them since we're so close to our due date. A little bit of heartburn but nothing like the heartburn I experienced with my first pregnancy. It'll be interesting to see if the whole more heartburn = more hair is true in this case.

Overall, I feel pretty good. It's just so crazy/exciting to constantly be wondering if tonight will be the night.

Best Moment this week: Hearing Cruze say his brothers name. He actually started off saying it so clear a few months ago but lately, he added a little twist to it. Too cute. And about that name... I'll be announcing it soon!

Looking forward to: Meeting our son! I just CANNOT believe how close it is. And seeing the look on Cruze's face when he meets his brother. It's a moment that is sure to make my heart explode. I can barely handle it now and it hasn't even happened yet!


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