Friday, March 7, 2014

Lifestyle Newborn Photo Shoot

I feel like I owe all of my readers an update on life lately. Yes we had our sweet boy almost 3 weeks ago (already?!?!?!) and life has been super busy since. But really, I am just soaking it all in and loving on my babe too much, it's hard to put him down to spend some time blogging. You guys, I am just so in love with my little family. My. heart. is. exploding. Every second of every single day. I can barely handle it.

So while I have some posts planned (in my head) to let you all in on our days with Caleb and Cruze, I may be a tad absent while I adjust to our new life. For now I want to share some photos with you all. Last week Jennifer of Jennifer Terrero Photography, made a 3.5 hour drive to come take pictures of baby Caleb. First I must say, I was so beyond touched by this gesture. That was such a long drive and I'm so happy she did that for us. We didn't have much time together and baby boy did not cooperate enough to fall asleep for the photos so Jen did lifestyle photos instead.

I absolutely love the way they came out. Especially considering the fact that we had less than two hours to get them done and running after a very busy 2 year old without my hubby around to help... wowza. But Jennifer is truly talented so I knew I would get something that I loved and worthy of displaying in our home. This girl, she just doesn't disappoint.

Gah!!! My boys. PLURAL. I can't even. All I can say is...
Be still my heart.

 On Monday I will be needing some advice on our birth announcements. I'd love it if you'll stop by to give me your input.

Happy Happy Friday! I hope you all have a joy- filled weekend :)


  1. Oh my!!!!!! What a gorgeous family you have! Those boys are super awesome.....stay away as long as possible to soak in all of those ooey gooey yummy baby phase!

  2. The pictures are beautiful !!! You are gorgeous !!

  3. Lifestyle photos are the most beautiful thing to see - and this is no exception! There is so much love and emotion captured in these. You look so beautiful, and Caleb is just darling! Congrats :)

  4. You have very lovely boys, the photos are awesome.

  5. Big congrats! I remember reading about your first pregnancy! And here you are with two now. Wonderful, and stunning pictures. (and thanks for stopping by my blog ;) )


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