Monday, March 17, 2014

My Bro, Yo!

One thing we have really been enjoying since the arrival of Caleb is the extra guests we've had come to visit. This past weekend, my little brother Christian (not so little anymore!) came to visit with his wife. Cruze grew so attached to him in the short time they were here and was so completely devastated when it was time to say our 'goodbyes'.
Here are some photos from our weekend with "Uncle".

This little boy was in heaven and FULL of energy. Oh to be two years old...

He took a break from loving on his uncle to love on daddy a little bit ;)

It seems like having family in town is the perfect excuse to eat bad things, right?

But seriously, look at them fries

I was glad to get out of the house. One thing I love about where we live is that we have TONS of things to do outdoors. This makes it easier to take the baby out since I don't feel comfortable being in closed spaces with a lot of people (and their germs).


 Me and my boys... and my tummy. I feel the need to say that I'm wearing a very bulky belly band under there. So that's not all belly.

It was such a nice weekend and seeing Cruze light up with family was the best part.

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