Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Preparing For Baby | Birth Announcements

*this post was written before Caleb made his grand debut. What can I say? Sometimes things play out a little differently from what's planned ;)
This is something I recommend any mom to be to do before baby comes. Before Cruze was born, I gave thought to setting up a birth announcement so that I could simply put his photo in afterwards and be set. However, I didn't do it and I regretted it. After your baby is born, your world is immediately all about them. You stare at and sometimes, overanalyze, every little thing they do and what ever time you have left over should really be reserved for letting yourself recover from delivery.
After our son was born, we spent so many days running around for blood work and other things. We went through a lot. Having this part out of the way would have been awesome. After all, we REALLY wanted to share his arrival in a special way.
There are so many ways you can put together a birth announcement but we decided to go with Tiny Prints. Have you checked out their website? They have TONS of options that are beyond cute. I'm still narrowing down the exact one I want and would LOVE your help. Below are a few options that I'm deciding between with my reasons for choosing them.
1 - I love the shape of this one and how all of the important details are laid out on the side. Plus, it gives a great area for baby's first photo
Cutely Curved - Winter Boy Birth Announcements - Baumbirdy - Surf - Blue : Front
2 - How sweet is this one? I have incorporated a few stars into the new nursery so I feel like this one is pretty perfect. I love the contrast of the gold and the blue.

Star is Born - Boy Photo Birth Announcements - Smudge Ink - Storm - Gray : Front
3 - Another option with stars except this option has a much larger space for a picture.

Starry Arrival - Boy Photo Birth Announcements - simplyput by Ashley Woodman - Reef - Blue : Front

4 - Okay, this one does something to my heart because it would include BOTH of my boys. I'm thinking about trying to include similar wording into word of the other announcements too if I can since the style of this one isn't exactly my fave compared with the others.
Swirling Stripe - Boy Photo Birth Announcements - Hello Little One - Lightest Turquoise - Blue : Front
So there you have it. I would love your vote for the best one!


  1. Well I'm so glad you posted this so I can at least get these picked out! Thanks for the tip mama!!!! Hope everything at home with your boys is going well!

  2. I like the one with the brother. I think its so sweet and combines both kids btw I want a copy.


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