Friday, April 4, 2014

DIY || Lace Crown

easy DIY lace crown

When Phillip surprised me with my "push gift" DSLR I immediately started planning mini photo shoots of my newborn at home. I'm no professional (believe you me) but that didn't stop me from trying to mimic photos I've pinned over the past few years. One thing I've always wanted was a picture of my baby with a little crown on. After all, these boys are our little princes. 
This was a VERY quick and easy DIY project. If you know me at all, then you know that easy diy's are the only diy's I attempt. Mostly because when I have an idea for something, I want to see the finished product asap. I need to work on that whole "patience is a virtue" thing.
What you'll need >>>
Fabric stiffener | I used Aleene's from joann fabrics with a 40% off coupon. You can also use mod podge
Lace | Pick one with the thickness and shape you like
Paint | this is only if you don't want the finished product to be the same color as the lace (most likely white). I wanted a gold crown and, lucky me, I happened to have some gold pain from a previous easy diy. ** paint must be water-based acryclic
Form/mold | I started off with a vase but it wasn't the right size so I switched to a candle jar. Choose a cylinder object that is the approximate size of the crown you would like.
not pictured >>> 
Parchment paper
Steps >>>
Here's where the "bad blogger" in me stepped in... I didn't get pictures of the process but honestly, it was just so easy and quick. Plus my hands were too icky to pick up a camera.
  • Wrap your piece of lace around the mold to see where the two ends would meet
  • Cut to the size you need. I actually recommend going a little past that point so that the lace will overlap a tiny bit
  • Now wrap the mold in parchment paper and tape it so that it stays
  • Pour enough fabric stiffener in the bowl to coat the lace
  • Mix in your paint of choice until it is your desired color
  • Dip the lace into the mixture and coat. I rolled it, smashed it, etc. until it was completely covered. You should really wear gloves for this but impatient Eliza wasn't having any of that.
  • Then pick up the lace from the mixture and slide between two fingers to remove any excess liquid.
  • The entire lace piece should be completely moist but not dripping in stiffener
  • Wrap the lace around your mold as pictured below. The lace should be moist enough to cling onto the cylinder object.
  • Allow to dry. I did mine late at night and left it sitting overnight. In the morning, all I had to do was remove from the mold and peel off the parchment paper and {obviously} marvel at my handy work. It was perfect!
And here it is on my little model :) 

diy lace crown

newborn lace crown diy
He approves


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