Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Preparing For Baby | The Nursery

Last week when Darby posted her nursery reveal, it motivated me to get my act together and post mine too. I mean, Caleb is 7 weeks old (?!!) [this was clearly written a few weeks ago]. So it was about time. I went into the nursery while Cruze was "napping" and Caleb was content in his swing, banana bread baking in the oven and all laundry freshly cleaned, folded and put away. It was a "supermom" kind of day. I snapped away with my camera and was SO beyond happy with how the pictures were coming out. The lighting was absolutely perfect and after each snap, the screen of my camera showed exactly what I wanted the picture to look like. I skipped over to my laptop to load the pictures while I was still in my groove when I realized... NO SD CARD. I must've snapped like 200 pictures (or so I thought). And then I remembered. I'm actually not Martha Stewart. Who was I thinking I could have everything go so perfectly? After crying a little bit (kidding - sort of) I took some more pictures to share with you all. So here it is.
The Nursery!!! This is one of the most exciting steps when preparing for baby. The place where you will cuddle your sweet baby love and lay them down to sleep (eventually right?). I wasn't exactly sure of what I wanted at first but I knew that it needed to be soft and dreamy. Gender neutral nurseries are my jam so it was pretty clear early on that it would be a neutral color palette. It also needed to be on a budget but still elegant. I think we accomplished that, but I'm a little biased.
This print was originally in Cruze's nursery. I love that we were able to reuse it.

empty frames above crib

gender neutral nursery
My paper mache moon and stars. I put so much time into that moon!

The perfect soothing spot where I spend many mommy and me moments with sweet Caleb


I love this little sheep and the lace crown I made for Caleb

Speaking of Caleb... :)

 I really love how everything turned out and the fact that so much of the décor was repurposed from other rooms in our home. This room is our little haven. Often, when Phillip comes home from work, I will take some time to sneak away with Caleb for some one on one time in his room. Such a perfect part of my day.
We still need to hang more pictures. I mean, did you notice the three empty frames behind the rocking chair? But overall, the room is pretty much complete. I hope you like it as much as we do!


  1. What a sweet little nursery. I'm loving the moon and stars. You did a fantastic job making them!

  2. This looks like the perfect soothing place for you and Caleb!!! I love it! You did an amazing job....and you ARE supermom!

  3. oh I love it. It is perfect! You did a great job. I love the moon and stars, they look beautiful. Love that you added a crown to your sleep sheep!

  4. Beautiful mama! You moon and stars look awesome and I love the changing table with that sweet boy on top.


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