Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby on a Budget: Couponing

So most of us have seen or heard of people who are so good at couponing that it just blows our minds. But if you're like me, starting off with couponing can be quite overwhelming. For that reason, I thought I'd tell you how I do it the easy way. Of the following tips I try to do at least 2 if I'm in a hurry.

1) Check the local supermarket ad which can be done at the store or online
2) Check out a website that offers free printable coupons
3) Make sure to look for coupons in your supermarkets flyer
4) For specific items, check the companies website for coupons or offers
5) Sunday newspapers are the best, save the coupons you need until the item goes on sale

Most of the time, when items go on sale at the supermarket, coupons will come out before the promo is up in the supermarket flyer and online. Put these all together and you will walk out with plenty of free items like I do or at least get awesome bargains.

Here is a great deal for those who live where there is a Publix supermarket:

Huggies diapers $5 off

1) print coupon for $2 off from
2) print coupon for $3 off from

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  1. I follow quite a few couponing blogs/websites, but the hubby does most of our shopping. He has found that buying store brand items is typically cheaper than using the coupons, unless you find just truly awesome deals.

    That's my two cents, anyway.


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