Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby On a Budget: Diapers

So I think it's only fair that I start off by admitting the obvious... I'm no expert on this subject and I am fully aware of this fact. However, I am known in my family and circle of friends for being quite savvy and always knowing the best deals. I am always on the look-out for ways to do things cheaper. Quality is extremely important but I am a firm believer that it's not how much money you make that can help you have the things you want or need (materially speaking) but rather, how you spend the money you make.

First Topic: DIAPERS...

The answer for how much diapers will cost you from birth to potty trained vary big time. The most common answer I get is almost always well over $1000. Wowza! So that got me thinking, why not go for cloth diapers? They're better for baby and the environment and not to mention the wallet. There are so many options out there from G diapers to FuzziBunz. Some have disposible liners and others don't. What seems to be a great option though, is to make your own. There are so many sites dedicated to showing you just how to do that. Depending on where you buy the fabric you will spend around $5 for each one. If you aren't a sewer and not so interested in learning how, here is another option: etsy. I LOVE etsy and have recently come across a few sellers who make adorable cloth diapers. Many of them are a lot cheaper than store bought but they serve the same purpose.

But let's face it - not everyone is cut out for cloth diapers so for all those who aren't, what advice do you have to parents and parents-to-be to save on this expense? I really want to hear it!


  1. I love my cloth diapers, but we do use disposables as well. I actually didn't start using cloth until my daughter was 10 months old.

    Our biggest tip about disposables.. different brands work for different babies, and in many cases no-name brands are just as good (in fact many are actually made in the same place as those name brands!).

  2. I started cloth diapering my son at 18 months old and loved it. I'm planning to cloth diaper my next baby. But I didn't use only cloth, I used a mix of cloth and disposables. That way I didn't get burned out or discouraged with using cloth. But I think cloth actually makes diapering a baby fun!

  3. How does diapering a baby with cloth diapers differ from disposables?


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