Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Waiting For Lovely

I'm starting to think this blog should be called "without a baby blog" because that's exactly what I am - without a baby. I go back and forth between being happy to write about these topics like baby on a budget and feeling just down right silly. I know I have no REAL experience compared to all of those hard working mamas who actually know what they're talking about. But then again, this is my place. My place to write about what I'm thinking and feeling... and what I'm thinking and feeling is Baby. When will I have my own? How will I raise him/her? How will I make my child feel safe in my arms? How can I provide a lovely little life for my lovely little one? So I guess I will just keep marching along on this path and learn and share as much as I can on this topic until my day comes. And when that day comes, oh how lovely it will be.

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