Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Great Heels Debate

I have always been a high heels kind of girl. Flats can be cute but they were never my thing. In fact, my feet hurt more in lower shoes. Since I've let the world know that I am pregnant I have had every other woman tell me things like, "what are you doing wearing those shoes?". Is it really that big of a deal? I was certain that I would be rocking my favorite pumps and wedges into the late stages of this pregnancy but my body had a different idea. At our first ultrasound the doctor informed me that I had a hemorrhage and explained to me what would be off limits for a while.

These included:
Walking fast
Carrying a purse!
House work
eh hem - Bedroom action

My husband and family added their own touch to this list - no high heels. I agreed with them at first since I could feel the pain in my belly since even before I knew what it was. I bought a few decent flats that have been holding me over. But now? I miss my shoes. Nothing in my closet is cooperating with my changing body and it would just be great to slip into a hott pair of shoes to make me feel good. sighhhhh

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  1. I'm actually quite the opposite - I love a good pair of flats. But I've been a totally different person being pregnant, and some days, a good pair of heels just makes a girl feel soooo good! I'm 32 weeks and just two weeks ago I rocked an awesome pair of heels. I say go for it every once in a while :-)

  2. Oh no! I'm like you I totally plan on rock'n these sexy pumps until L&D. I feel your pain girl! Maybe you can sit and wear your high heels? lol


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