Thursday, December 29, 2011

Forever21 Maternity Starter Kit Review

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, Forever21 had a great sale on their maternity clothes this past weekend. I've posted about their maternity starter kit before but I didn't buy one till now. The reason why I didn't buy it before is because I already had a bella band and didn't think I needed the whole starter kit so I just bought maternity leggings seperate.

Well, since the deal was so great ($10.99 plus BOGO) I couldn't pass it up. My thoughts? I love it. It's a great deal even at regular price ($15.80). I actually really like the belly panel it comes with. I think I like it better than the more expensive kinds. It might be because it's a t-shirt material and feels better on my skin and it also holds its shape better. The tank is great too. Nothing too special but good enough for the money. As for the leggings, I prefer the leggings they sell seperately over the ones that come with the starter kit. These leggings go up over the belly while my other ones bit comfortably under the belly, has a ruched detail on the legs and is a tad bit thicker.

The maternity starter kit come in several sizes. I got a medium and I think that was a good decision since I'm growing my the second. I didn't see all the colors but I know it comes in black, nude and white (i think). The set I bought was mixed. I wanted either black or nude but I'm actually glad the cashier brought me the wrong one because I know I can get more use out of black leggings.

Not bad, right? I'm actually really impressed by their maternity selection. The down side is that they only show a few pieces on their website so you might think they have much less than they actually do. Since your only pregnant enough to wear maternity clothes for several months, it's nice to have a store that sells decent pieces at great prices.

Have you tried Forever21 Maternity or know of other places to score good deals on maternity fashion? Please share...


  1. Wow that's a great deal! When I had my first baby 13 years ago I bought a kit from Belly Basics for about 150. I will say it was great though and I had it for years and used it for the other two pregnancies as well! The nice thing about the type of clothing you are talking about is that it's nice in those first few weeks after the baby before your body is back to it's pre-baby shape. Good luck and enjoy!

  2. Wow that's an awesome deal! I didn't even know forever 21 had maternity clothes. When I was pregnant I bought a few things at H&M but there clothes were so overpriced, next time I will definitely try forever 21!

  3. Yeah, i definitely expect to wear my maternity items after the birth. At this point I almost can't imagine wearing real clothes ever again haha.

  4. I've checked out H&M too but for the quality I agree. It was a tad overpriced. I have heard of people getting some great deals there though like maternity tops for $3. I have to keep an eye out for that.


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