Friday, December 30, 2011

Writing A Birth Plan

Help!!!! Here I am once again. In front of my computer trying to figure out how to start this birth plan of mine. I've attempted this many times and so far.... I have nothing. I know many people think a birth plan is not necessary and perhaps they're right. But for me, it's just one of those things that'll help me feel a tad more prepared and that can't be bad. I do realize that I have to be somewhat flexible but having something on paper that I can share with my doctor is something that's important to me.

What I know I want: I know that I want a natural birth. I will be delivering at a hospital with a doctor but I really do not want pitocin or an epidural and I for sure do not want a c-section. At the same time I realize that there are certain situations that can arise in which a c-section can be life saving for mommy and baby. In the case something like that happens, I of course will be all for it.

The reasons I want natural are to be able to breastfeed asap after the baby is born (not possible with a  c-section I believe), to be fully present for this experience I've waited for for so long, and I just don't want to put any of that extra junk in my system if I don't need it.

To be completely honest though, there are those moments when I wonder if I will be able to handle the pain of labor and delivery, if I will be strong enough to say "no" to pain meds while I'm in the moment. I've had my doubts about whether or not I can do this and do it naturally. I think this is normal, right? I hope so.

Just as I was starting to have these moments of doubt something awesome happened! Enter netflix. A week or so ago one reader suggested that I watch The Business Of Being Born, a documentary on well, the business behind childbirth in this country. It was empowering. It reminded me of the reasons I want to go natural and encouraged me that I CAN DO THIS. My husband was actually impressed by it (although he protested when I suggested we watch it again the next day, I wonder why). I definitely recommend this documentary for any pregnant mamas out there and even if you're not pregnant, it's very informative.

Well, my appointment is today and once again I will show up with no birth plan. I have spoken openly with my doc about my wishes and she is very supportive but I seriously need to get working on this thing. Any suggestions? Are there any templates out there that I can use? Help!



  1. I can tell you this from experience (I've never had a baby, but I am a nurse)...

    Be specific. If you want a natural childbirth, discuss your pain-management options with your MD before you go into labor. When you get to the hospital, tell the your nurse you don't want to be offered pain medication unless YOU ask for it, that way the temptation is lessened.

    The more you put on your birth plan, the more healthcare providers will laugh at you. Put the things that are most important for you (like a natural delivery). If you come up with a 3 page birth plan that says you want a natural childbirth, wear your purple fuzzy socks during delivery, and that you want to eat hamburgers during labor, your wishes will likely not be as respected (again, seen this from experience!)

    The most important thing is to be flexible. You never know what your labor is going to be like until you go through it, but I have full confidence that you CAN have a labor and delivery to be proud of.

  2. there are other things to help with pain. my mom didnt get an epidural with me or my brother. she had other drugs to relieve pain.

    keep your birth plan really short. check out the natural unmedicated childbirth group on for help from BTDT moms

  3. I do not envy your situation. I knew with my first that I wasn't even going to attempt a birth plan or natural childbirth, or anything of the sort. By the time it came down to it, I just wanted her (my daughter) in this world. My daughter was induced, I had and epidural, and drugs before that. She turned out wonderful!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions! It's good to have tips from a nurse, and congrats on your recent graduation.

  5. Allyssa - I checked out that group. Good idea. Also, I stopped by your blog. I can definitely relate to a lot of your posts. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  6. Eliza, I had a natural birth and we had a very specific, yet realistic, birth plan that we wrote with our doula AND OB-GYN. As it turned out, we were able to accomplish each one of our goals. I'm leaving you with a link to our natural birth plan that I shared on my blog. The only thing I would add would be that I would request external fetal monitoring and not internal monitoring. Because of the nature of our birth plan, our nurse knew to have the baby's heartbeat monitored externally, and it was really a lot more comfortable for me. Good luck!!!

  7. Ah yes! I read your post a few months ago and re-read it today. I feel like cheating and just using yours lol. I have to look into the whole fetal monitoring thing because I really don't know what that is. Yikes...


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