Monday, January 30, 2012


I can't help but feel a tad overwhelmed as the days and weeks pass us by. It seems like we have soooo much to do to get ready for baby. But I'm happy to say we have made some great progress.

We bought the changing table, have started washing the clothes and blankets I think we'll need in the first couple weeks and are about 75% done with the hospital bag. I have gone through so many hospital bag checklists and have read and re-read posts like this one on other blogs to make sure I have everything I need or could want to make me feel as comfy as possible during and after labor.

I just can't wait to have everything in it's place so we can feel ready to bring baby home. At the same time, I realize that even if he comes today or tomorrow, we have everything we really need and all the other little things will come together.

We have another baby shower coming up soon (maybe this weekend?) but this one's a surprise so who knows. After that shower, we will buy whatever is left over to get for the baby. 

As for the hospital bag, I am VERY open to suggestions on what to bring and what to leave at home so feel free to comment on that below. Hopefully I can get a post up this week on what we have packed so far. Other things coming: a review on a pretty cool baby bottle, Hump Day Bump Pics, more pictures from our Tiffany themed baby shower (the first one) and some of our favorite gifts so far.


  1. If you are doing a hospital birth take comfy pjs for you and a robe. I spent the whole time while at the hospital this way. Also, the biggest piece of advice I could give you is to not only pack one size of clothes for the baby. I was expecting a really big baby and she ended up being average.. All of the stuff I took for her was huge!! :)

  2. Great advice on the baby clothes. I too am assuming I'll have a giant baby but just added newborn sizes per your comment. :) thanks for the tip!


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